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It's our mission to provide you with valuable differentiation options in a highly competitive market. As an experienced development partner, we support you with our wide variety of functional solutions and tried-and-tested components for open loop and closed loop control of machine functions. From project definition right up to your series solution. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the machine architecture in mobile machines, we are able to help you develop your efficient, resource-saving, comfortable and precise machine which ensures high productivity while meeting the highest of safety standards. Whether it's components or complete solutions, our hardware and software is manufactured in-house. With our combination of clever simulation models and intensive testing, you receive perfectly coordinated system components for the development of cutting-edge vehicles.

Hydraulic hybrid

Get started in the future of energy efficiency with HYDAC. Our innovative hybrid technology combines resource conservation with performance. This allows you to save fuel costs and energy costs while optimising installed battery capacities. As a world market leader for the key components in hydraulic accumulators, we guarantee robust, tried-and-tested and standardised components that are cost-efficient with high power densities.

Electro-hydraulic pilot control

As part of the upcoming automation of mobile machines, greater attention is being paid to electro-hydraulic alternatives. HYDAC impresses with its dynamic and precise conversion of electronic signals into hydraulic signals. Our extremely precise control enables an accurate machine response – even with the most subtle changes in signal combined with a low level of valve leakage. Even extreme environmental conditions aren't a problem for our tried-and-tested valves.

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Electro-hydraulic main control

Our perfectly coordinated components with a high power density allow us to provide your tailor-made electro-hydraulic main control. The innovative modular valve system can be easily adapted to your machine requirements and allows precise and accurate work. You don't have to make any compromises when it comes to energy efficiency - the compact design ensures extremely low pressure losses.

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Electro-hydraulic steering systems

Optimal steering is essential for the highest level of comfort and maximum productivity and sustainability in mobile machines. With our innovative steering systems, we guarantee high stability and manoeuvrability as well as increased performance and efficiency – all with the highest level of safety. With our modular architecture, we can adapt our solutions for auxiliary and additional steering to your machine.

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Suspensions & vibration damping

Driving comfort, ease of use and safety are the key factors for efficient work. This is why it's all the more relevant to relieve the burden on the driver when there are increased work requirements. Our HYDAC suspension systems and vibration damping systems make work significantly easier and ensure driving safety and stability. Thanks to our many years of engineering expertise in the areas of axle suspension, cabin suspension and boom suspension, we are able to create your all-round carefree package – individually tailored to your vehicle and supported by our tried-and-tested components.

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HYDAC Ground Control active boom control

More stringent environmental and consumer protection guidelines are requiring fertilisers and pesticides to be used sparingly. One important factor for this is guiding the sprayer boom at the optimum height above the crop to distribute the product in a targeted manner. That's why our experts have developed an innovative solution for mobile machines: HYDAC Ground Control decouples the sprayer boom from the towing vehicle. This means that the boom is guided at the optimum height and tilt above the crop. The system solution is highly dynamic, even when the terrain changes.

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Rotary Drive Control

Tried-and-tested hydraulics paired with intelligent closed loop control technology – Rotary Drive Control is a clever type of speed control for your mobile machine. This is because electro-hydraulic systems require high precision, especially in the case of increased environmental protection or when there are new regulations. Wherever there is a need for speed-controlled functions, the Rotary Drive Control operates with extreme precision and dynamic performance thanks to the electronic closed-loop control. For the best performance of your mobile machine – even in the event of pressure fluctuations.

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Hydraulic generator

Innovative technology and intelligent electrified products require a reliable power supply. This is precisely why many people are interested in creating a stand-alone power network for their machine, allowing it to act independently of the towing vehicle and its on-board voltage. Thanks to our hydraulic generator, we can use your hydraulic power reserve effectively.

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Transmission controls

Despite standard control logic, valve technology has to meet very different requirements depending on the type of transmission or function. Whether it's performing under the toughest conditions, controlled powershifting or increased contamination resistance: HYDAC offers you clever solutions for your transmission's demanding functions that are perfectly adapted to your requirements.

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Electronic load-sensing

Intelligently linked: if you want you use mobile machines and attachments flexibly while drawing on the full hydraulic power, you shouldn't be without the innovative HYDAC load-sensing modulation. Where different functions require a wide variety of pressures and oil quantities, our electronic load-sensing solution enables optimal adaptation to your needs. The load pressure-independent electronic system increases the efficiency and ensures comfortable machine operation.