Proportional pressure control valves for differential locks Increase efficiency by using compact, pilot-operated proportional pressure control valves

HYDAC has the leakage-optimised solution for articulated dump trucks – find out more now!

More efficiency with compact, pilot-operated proportional pressure control valvesHYDAC's leakage-optimised solution for articulated dump trucks

The perfect solution for your mobile machine: HYDAC offers valve solutions which sustainably increase your machine efficiency. We work in collaboration with you to develop efficient components and systems, tailored to your requirements. Find out more about our expertise as an innovative problem solver with an example customer project involving proportional pressure control valves in articulated dump trucks.

Solutions for more comfort, fewer emissions and reduced energy consumptionThe demands on control technology in mobile machines are increasing!

Mobile machines need to work efficiently under all kinds of conditions. A constant focus here is on low energy consumption – since the introduction of stricter guidelines, machine manufacturers also need to minimise exhaust emissions. For the operator, on the other hand, the mobile machine must, among other things, offer minimised noise emissions for increased comfort. As a result, control technology is facing major challenges.

But it's low operating costs that are often crucial here. Those who reduce their mobile machine's energy requirements sustainably reduce the costs for operators. As part of this, it is particularly important to further develop the machine’s functions and components. When looking at articulated dump trucks, it becomes clear that conventional proportional pressure control valves for differential locks lead to very frequent accumulator charging. This is due to high levels of leakage in the inactive state. This charging means that the large working pump needs to be activated in the next step. This costs a lot of energy – decreasing the efficiency.
HYDAC offers solutions which sustainably increase efficiency. Taking one of our customers as an example, we will demonstrate our expertise as an innovative problem solver.

HYDAC – Your problem solver with application knowledgeOptimised valve technology for differential locks in articulated dump trucks

When inactive, the proportional pressure control valves for differential locks in construction machine manufacturers’ articulated dump trucks have a very high level of leakage. As the valves are supplied by the working hydraulics with the aid of an accumulator charging circuit, this led to frequent use of the working pump. This didn’t just lead to noise and power losses. It also led to high pump wear.

For this reason and due to changed exhaust emission specifications, the OEM decided to look for a problem solver with know-how and extensive application knowledge. These were requirements that HYDAC met – and so our experts developed an innovative solution based on the technologies and resources of the newly acquired customer.

Our solution: Leakage-optimised proportional pressure control valve HYDAC PDMC12S30P-15For more efficiency and lower energy requirements in the smallest of installation spaces

In collaboration with our customer, the HYDAC specialists in fluid technology analysed the cause of the high energy consumption of the differential lock in the articulated dump truck. On this basis, they developed something in complete contrast to conventional products with a large installation space and permanent leakage – a new, needs-based and above all considerably more efficient solution.

Leakage-optimised and compact pilot-operated valves for high flow rates laid the foundation – these already contributed to increasing efficiency and weight savings. Building on this, our experts developed an innovative additional function which was the perfect answer to our customer’s requirements: the pilot-operated proportional pressure control valve PDMC12S30P-15. It impressed the customer with its patented pilot oil separation. An innovation which reduced leakage in an inactive state by a factor of 20. At the same time, the construction machine manufacturer benefitted from our unrivalled compact design for high flow rates up to 100 l/min.

HYDAC proportional pressure control valve PDMC12S30P-15

Circuit diagram – HYDAC proportional pressure control valve PDMC12S30P-15

Performance HYDAC proportional pressure control valve PDMC12S30P-15

The result

Thanks to the significant reduction in leakage, the HYDAC solution led to considerably longer accumulator discharging times in the differential lock in the customer’s mobile machines. This didn’t just save the customer energy – the minimised charging times bring other real advantages. In addition to reduced noise generation and therefore increased comfort for the operator, the dump truck manufacturer also benefitted from minimised pump wear. This is because reduced wear means valuable conservation of resources: a cost advantage which really set them apart from the rest of the market. The benefits convinced our customer – to this day, our solution can still be found as a series solution in their products.

Quote from a HYDAC expert:

“When developing new, innovative solutions, our focus is on transparent communication with our customers. Listening and asking the right questions forms the basis of optimal cause analysis and functional analysis. This is how we were able to identify our customer’s requirements in this case and develop them into a perfectly tailored valve solution.”

Your advantages with the tailor-made solutions from the HYDAC experts in fluid technology

Reduzieren Sie mit Condition Monitoring und Predictive Maintenance Ihren Energieaufwand und sparen Sie so bares Geld.

Energy efficiency

due to considerably reduced leakage and therefore longer accumulator discharging times.


Installation space optimisation

thanks to the unrivalled compact design of the components in the differential lock.

Noise reduction

Increased comfort

Fewer charging cycles lead to lower noise emissions.

Conservation of resources

Conservation of resources

due to reduced pump wear.

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