Consumers with large tanks which are only seldom used and in which the diesel is "stored" for long periods (e.g. emergency power units) are particularly prone to heavy deposits of contamination in the form of particle contamination on the tank floor as well as to increased water content in the tank (e.g. due to condensation).
When the system is activated, the pump typically suctions the surrounding particle contamination, quickly clogging the filters/system components. This usually results in system failure. The device becomes inoperable and high maintenance and repair costs are incurred.
In addition, free water in the tank over an extended period provides a breeding ground for 'diesel pests' (microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, fungus, etc.) that also end up blocking the filters and components. With its water separation function, the LowViscosity Unit LVU-CD can prevent premature and expensive disposal of the diesel (when it becomes unusable due to 'diesel pest').
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HYDAC DieselProtection: All-Round Protection From the Refinery to theEngine
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LVU-CD-10 LowViscosity Unit Coalescer Diesel
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LVU-CD-40 LowViscosity Unit Coalescer Diesel
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