HYDAC AutoFilt® back-flushing filter for offshore wind farms

Seawater filtration on transformer platforms

Areas of application

  •  Protective filtration upstream of heat exchangers and pumps
  • Filtration of cooling water
  • Filtration of service water 

Product features 

The automatic self-cleaning back-flushing filter is best-suited to continuous separation of solids such as sand from seawater. The robust construction and the automatic back-flushing contribute a great deal to operational safety and reduce operation and maintenance costs. 

  •  Continuous filtration
  • Back-flushing with its own medium, no external medium required
  • Flow rates up to 10,000 m3/h
  • Also available as a system solution combined with HYDAC heat exchanger 
  • Materials adapted to demanding offshore conditions
  • All control parameters can be monitored from a central operation control centre on the mainland 
  • Variable filter geometry (vertical / horizontal) 

Filter element technology

Reusable conical slotted tube or SuperMesh filter elements with filtration ratings from 25 to 3000 µm ensure effective separation of dirt particles in the filter. Our SuperFlush coating for filter elements is especially suited for use in seawater applications. It prevents the formation of biofilm as well as depositing and sticking of adhesive particles on the filter element surface. 

Benefit from our experience!

 Since we are specialists in pre-filtration of ballast water treatment systems and due to our longstanding experience in the production of back-flushing filters for FPSO vessels and oil platforms, we possess a great deal of expertise with regard to demanding filtration tasks, such as those in seawater filtration. Our HYDAC service team will provide you with excellent assistance worldwide – you can even request their support with on-site commissioning.