HYDAC – Your partner for tailor-made hydraulic solutions in recycling systems How can baling presses be optimised with compact and efficient hydraulic power units?

Dive into the world of tailor-made hydraulic solutions for recycling systems! HYDAC is the perfect partner for you when you need custom designs tailored to your specific requirements. Our experienced engineers and technicians support you in the planning, implementation and commissioning of your hydraulic systems and ensure optimum performance and efficiency for your recycling systems. Reap the benefits of our many years of experience and our wide ranging expertise in the hydraulics industry and work with us to bring your recycling system to the next level!

Optimising baling presses with compact and efficient hydraulic power units

HYDAC offers tailor-made hydraulic solutions for recycling systems. Our engineers develop custom designs that are tailored to your requirements. We support you in planning, implementing and commissioning your hydraulic systems and ensure optimum performance.

Optimising baling presses with compact and efficient hydraulic power unitsHYDAC – Your partner for tailor-made hydraulic solutions in recycling systems

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – that's the motto in materials management these days. Recycling residual materials and waste materials plays an especially important role in sustainability and environmental protection. The key application of baling presses is to create more space by reducing the volume of recyclable waste materials – this saves costs, makes handling simpler and minimises the transport workload.
To meet increased requirements, the application has to be constantly optimised. Whether it's making tanks smaller, minimising system footprints or reducing drive power, power dissipation and hydraulic oil usage – the desire to use applications that are as efficient as possible is on the rise. Not least because of the increases in connection costs and energy costs. Challenges that HYDAC has the perfect answer to. Using the example of a customer, we will show you exactly what a tailor-made hydraulic solution in your press can look like.

The world needs reliable and efficient recycling systems – HYDAC supplies the perfect hydraulic solution!

As part of refurbishing a machine series to a more powerful series, a manufacturer of complete recycling systems - with a focus on horizontal baling presses - was looking for a hydraulic power unit that was as compact and energy-efficient as possible.  
Because of our many years of expertise and our tried-and-tested product range, HYDAC was awarded the contract to develop this hydraulic power unit. The goal: an especially fast and reliable machine with short cycle times / a high material throughput. In addition, the customer wanted a complete power unit following the principle of “everything from a single source”, in order to save resources such as hydraulic oil and installation time and costs in their own production.

The tailor-made HYDAC hydraulic power unit with axial piston pumps for a 120 t baling press

The success of the project was especially dependent on transparent management and two-way communication. Following intensive talks, the HYDAC experts specified both the dimensions of the power unit and the technical requirements for the press control.
After the specific baling press workflow was simulated and the cycle time was calculated, the precise knowledge of the workflow made it possible to adjust the pump drive in conjunction with the motor power to perfectly suit the press’s working methods. Instead of the two triple internal gear pumps, our specialists chose two compact drive units, each made up of one HYDAC axial piston pump PPV100S-180 with a power controller and a small flange-mounted internal gear pump for the wire tying. This meant that the number of pumps was reduced while the overall flow rate was kept the same. Thanks to the subsequent flow simulation in the oil tank in conjunction with the HYDAC Air-X filters, we were able to significantly reduce the size of the tank while providing better air separation and longer component service lives. Our compact press control block was specifically designed for this machine in accordance with the customer specifications.

The tailor-made HYDAC solution even exceeded our customer’s targets!

Thanks to the power-controlled axial piston pumps, which enable efficient utilisation of the pump flow rate / the motor power across the entire pressure range, the average power consumption could be significantly reduced compared with the original triple internal gear pump solution – without any change to the pump flow! The rated motor power dropped from 2x 37 kW to 2x 30 kW. Thanks to the tank optimisation, we reduced the oil tank by no less than 40%, from 2,500 to 1,400 litres – enabling the customer to save 1,100 litres of hydraulic oil, 466 kg steel and therefore a total of 4,100 kg CO2. The costly power losses in the circulation were also lowered by 6.0 kW by replacing the internal gear pumps with power-controlled axial piston pumps, corresponding to a saving of roughly 13,000 kWh of electricity per year in three-shift operation.  
With the optimised, reduced cycle time, the HYDAC experts also enabled a significant increase in productivity of 18%.
As you can see from this example, whether it’s a baling press or any other application, HYDAC can support you in optimising your machine in any phase of the project. Contact our industry experts now for advice.

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Conservation of resources

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