Conservation of resources in coolant systems with efficient coolant management

Exploit potential savings and detect problems in real time thanks to automatic coolant control with the FluidControl Unit FCU 5000 from HYDAC!

Save time, money and resources with the right coolant tool in metal scrap briquetting pressesExploit potential savings and detect problems in real time thanks to automatic coolant control with the FluidControl Unit FCU 5000 from HYDAC.

Coolants are virtually indispensable in metal cutting production and forming production. They reduce friction between the tool and component and carry away heat produced during the machining process. The topic of coolant management is highly relevant for the operators of central systems, as fluctuations in concentration or tank level can lead to considerable quality problems.
Find out in this success story how HYDAC contributes to reduced maintenance, repair and service costs by modernising cooling lubricant systems – including automatic documentation according to TRGS 611 (German technical regulations for hazardous substances) and continuous availability of system data through cloud connectivity.
We work with you to increase the productivity of your systems!

Production processes are getting increasingly complex

In presses, all kinds of factors can affect a coolant and change the medium – in addition to the ingress of heat, there are also factors such as mechanical stresses, contamination and oxidation. Overstressed coolants are also more susceptible to bacterial invasions and can lead to unplanned service work. It's therefore important for system operators to detect changes in coolants early on to be able to take corrective action. Constant monitoring of the medium is the best protection. But even if a change in the coolant is detected at an early stage and a sample is taken, the problem is not yet solved – it may take several days until the result is available. The operator has little information to go on until the analysis is over. Countermeasures in the event of a negative result can only be taken late, sometimes too late. But significant coolant changes require a fast reaction.
Another topic with regard to the conservation of resources in coolants is the system's dosing unit – this has the key role of ensuring that overdoses are avoided by adjusting the coolant concentration as needed.

Case study: A car manufacturer modernises their coolant system

The majority of car manufacturers use central coolant systems to lubricate and cool their production systems. The coolant systems usually consist of a reservoir, a dosing unit and a circuit. In the last few years, the requirements placed on coolants have drastically changed. CO2 saving targets through resource conservation and increased efficiency make the modernisation of coolant systems a key management issue.
This was also the case for our customer: they were looking for a solution and a partner for the modernisation of their central coolant system which supplied four scrap metal briquetting presses with coolant emulsion. The emulsion is injected into the compressor stage to reduce friction (steel on steel). Once it has been used, the emulsion is contaminated with oil and other residue adhering to the steel waste and collected and transported back to the coolant system. To meet the requirements of the TRGS 611 guidelines (German technical regulations for hazardous substances), the coolant was analysed in the lab and documented every week. The coolant concentration was then manually adjusted on the basis of the findings.

How long – whether hours or days – the system was overdosed or underdosed usually remained unclear. But this information is very important. An overdose leads to an unnecessarily high coolant concentration, while an underdose damages tools and therefore the press, potentially leading to downtime.
The existing coolant unit was very high-maintenance. This is because it often had to be manually adjusted, which led to big fluctuations in the concentration. The maintenance costs were also very high as many parts of the system regularly had to be replaced. To reduce costs and increase productivity, our customer asked the HYDAC experts to modernise their existing coolant system. The common objectives were to keep the pressing process and therefore the associated fluid parameters as constant as possible, to keep the tank volume at the target level with ready-mixed emulsion and protect it from negative external influences. This is where HYDAC's FluidControl Unit FCU 5000 (FCU 5000) solution came into play – an online measuring device for monitoring, controlling and documenting fluid parameters.

The HYDAC solutionAutomatic coolant regulation with the FluidControl Unit FCU 5000

Our customer decided to fit one of their new coolant systems with a belt filter and our FCU 5000 unit. In collaboration with HYDAC, the belt filter manufacturer supplied the customer with a coolant system that enables filtration, monitoring and automatic emulsion dosing. The FluidControl Unit FCU 5000 measures the condition of the coolant emulsion and can automatically keep the concentration at the target level using the integrated dosing unit. To compensate for emulsion loss, the target level is kept constant by automatic topping up of the tank. The installed FluidControl Unit FCU 5000 is also connected to a remote maintenance router in the CMXConnect Cloud. This allows our customer to monitor their coolant system in real time – enabling them to see a visual representation of all data collected by the FCU 5000 via a dashboard on the cloud. This results in 24/7 process transparency for all involved. Limit values are also able to be set and monitored in the software. Whenever one of the sensors fails or values outside of the limits are registered, a warning or error message is sent. The automated dosing and refilling is saving the customer costs. Measurements such as nitrite and water hardness can be conveniently entered into the system by hand. This means that the customer receives detailed TRGS 611-compliant documentation.

The resultModernising the coolant system

By modernising the coolant system, the requirements in terms of efficiency and increased productivity were met. Numerous car manufacturers already rely on innovative automatic dosing units to bring their existing systems up to date according to the TRGS 611 guidelines, saving them time and money. This form of digitalisation and therefore the automation of fluid management are important factors in the ever-advancing field of Industry 4.0 technology.
Cloud-based solutions also support the automation of various processes throughout the production chain.

By using cloud connectivity services, many tasks such as monitoring and documenting the lubricant level can be automated. The readjustment of the lubricant dosing rate can also be done automatically in many cases – saving time and reducing sources of error. It's for these reasons that the FluidControl Unit FCU 5000 in combination with cloud connectivity proves to be an almost indispensable tool for the customer.
HYDAC has already proven itself as a technology partner for tailor-made solutions many times. Feel free to contact us – our experts look forward to your enquiry! 

Your advantages with HYDAC's automatic coolant control FluidControl Unit FCU 5000:

Reduced costs

Big cost savings

thanks to the smart fluid management system.

Improved quality

The operator can maintain the quality of their coolants.

Increased productivity

Process optimisation

due to no need for costly and time-consuming laboratory analysis – thanks to information in real time.

Conservation of resources

Conservation of resources

due to needs-based media usage, continuous monitoring and longer media service lives.


Health protection

due to coolant leakage being prevented (risk of skin irritation and odour nuisance is reduced).

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