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Getting to know HYDAC!

HYDAC was founded in 1963 as ‘Gesellschaft für Hydraulikzubehör’ (Company for Hydraulics Accessories) in Saarland. Today, the owner-operated HYDAC group operates internationally, with more than 9,500 employees worldwide, specialising in manufacturing and sales of components and systems, as well as services, for industrial and mobile hydraulics and fluid technology and electronic control technology.

With HYDAC, the possibilities are just as varied as our product portfolio. We can give you the challenges you are looking for!

Please check the local HYDAC page for your country for your individual career opportunities.

Our corporate culture

HYDAC is not the place for pen-pushers who are happy with routine tasks – it’s for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, pioneers willing to take risks and try things out. In every area and every department. This is what makes us different!

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