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We work with you to develop the next generation of mobile working machines. Our experts have made it their mission to reduce complexity in a cost-efficient way and create varied differentiation options.

Working together to find your Solution for Mobile MachineryWith cooperation, transparency and potential, now and in the future

The latest market trends, technologies and laws are making things increasingly challenging for the mobile industry. Our experts can find just the right solution to help you with these specific challenges. HYDAC is your partner for expertise in development – from the planning to the aftermarket. With our deep knowledge of the industry, we can create system solutions that will prove themselves now and in the future. And always tailored to suit your needs.

The faith our customers place in us spurs us on to keep on developing ourselves even further. As a specialist in installation space optimisation, electromobility, functional safety, thermal management, electro-hydraulics & assistance systems and functions & modules, we understand how everything interlinks. After all, we are not theorists: we work with you to develop the next generation of mobile working machines. Thanks to our global presence, in this way we can create cutting-edge machinery tailored to your local conditions.

Sustainable Machine Use & Installation Space Optimisation

Our clever filtration and fluid management concepts give you significantly more freedom in how your mobile working machines are designed. And you don’t need to compromise on performance: the right filtration forms the basis of machine reliability. With our high-class filter media, you have a clean system and a satisfied end customer. At the same time, our environment also benefits – optimised filter and tank systems help you to save tens of thousands of litres of oil.

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Functional Safety

System errors pose serious risks for people, machines and the environment. At the same time, strict laws and new technologies are considerably increasing the requirements for functional safety in mobile machines. This makes it all the more important to have optimum architecture that ensures maximum reliability and early detection of safety-relevant errors. Since 1963, market-leading OEMs have put their faith in our certified products and solutions – we can also work with you to develop the safest system for your needs.

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Functions & Modules

New tasks often also mean longer development times? Not with HYDAC! Our experts can support you in saving time in production and development. We can substantially optimise your time to market. This is because HYDAC is your specialist for the rapid realisation of all kinds of functions in mobile work machinery – from topics such as damping and steering to clutch control. We offer both extensively tested solutions and flexible adjustment to suit your specific needs.

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Thermal Management

Needs-based thermal management can sustainably increase the efficiency and service life of your mobile machines. As an expert in all cooling and temperature-control tasks, HYDAC can offer integrated thermal management solutions and systems – for diesel and hybrid drives and for electrified machines. We are highly committed to using the available resources responsibly and to making use of unavoidable waste heat. In combination with our innovative technology, we can achieve the best possible configuration quality.

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Sensors & System Electronics

The perfect system architecture for any application: with our reliable and highly modern system solutions, your mobile machinery is ready to tackle any challenge. Whether it’s sensors, controllers or displays – thanks to our extensive product range, we are your expert contact for the future-proof system architecture of your mobile machine. We have the qualifications to support you from the planning phase to the support phase – for a forward-thinking and efficient development of reliable application projects. 

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At HYDAC, we focus on the overall package: whether it’s electrification with batteries as energy storage or the fuel cell with corresponding hydrogen tank for high-energy applications. With comprehensive know-how in both technologies, our experts can provide active support. In relation to the vehicles and machines, and also the corresponding power supply, infrastructure and product technology. Enter the future of mobility with us.

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Electrohydraulics & Assistance Systems

Assistant functions make your work safer, more intuitive and more precise. HYDAC can supply the optimum system architecture here for your mobile working machines. Our experts will provide future-oriented and cooperative support, from defining the key components and simulating the system to developing the software and initial start-up.

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Our Mobile Solutions

Construction Machinery & Mining

Construction machines operate in very tight spaces. Excellent manoeuvrability and an efficient architecture are vital characteristics. With our HYDAC system solutions, you can make your construction machine robust and powerful. At the same time, we always keep your end customers in mind.

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Agricultural Machines

Whether it’s spring or winter, you never have to compromise on efficiency or productivity. After all, we optimise your agricultural machinery sustainably. With our integrated systems and extensive consultation, we work with you to develop reliable and convenient agricultural machines for stress-free and time-saving work.

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Municipal Machines

The fields of application for municipal machines are highly diverse. Just as diverse as our system solutions. We optimise your municipal machines for more efficiency and productivity and more precise work, tailored to your local requirements. At the same time, we also focus on emissions directives.

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Lifting & Material Handling

Highly precise and powerful – lifting and material handling machines need to be much more than just powerful and responsive. The machine architecture is determined by directives and laws. With HYDAC, you can avoid compromising on performance and function for your end customers.

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Forestry Machinery

Forestry machines work in extremely tight spaces and under very tough conditions – nevertheless, steep or uneven terrain poses no problem for our solutions. We work with you to develop your robust and powerful forestry machine. Our modular concepts enable a versatile range of applications, high flexibility and enormous convenience.

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Special Vehicles

Special conditions call for special machinery. Whether it’s extreme challenges in the mining industry, high reliability in fire engines or large dimensions in container handling – HYDAC can supply the perfect machine architecture for your specific requirements.

On-Road Vehicles

With our HYDAC solutions, you can optimise your transport business sustainably. After all, our mission is: maximum productivity combined with outstanding convenience. We will work with you as a partner to develop your custom on-road solution.