KineSys drive systems

Modern and intelligent drive systems from HYDAC KineSys - more efficiency and reduced complexity thanks to a needs-based design.

Intelligent HYDAC drive systemsNeeds-based system engineering for your optimal drive solution

Electromechanical drive technology and a variable-speed hydraulic design offer pioneering solutions for the majority of your functions. Simple, efficient, economical: the team at HYDAC KineSys develops lean, tailor-made drive concepts. Reap the benefits of our comprehensive product range and knowledge spanning multiple industries and technologies. Create your custom drive concept with HYDAC!

HYDAC is your guide to choosing the right drive system – whether it's hydraulic or electromechanic

Precision in movement! When it comes to drive systems for your machines, we are always aware of the latest information and will gladly share our know-how with you. Especially since there are now many things that can be made simpler, more efficient and easier to maintain. Get started with HYDAC. We help you to create future-proof machines.

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Your centre of expertise for drive systems Advice on a wide range of technologies from HYDAC KineSys

Kinematics and systems: HYDAC KineSys helps you to create future-proof machines. The interdisciplinary team of hydraulic engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and automation specialists bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. From advice on a wide range of technologies and simple integration of interfaces between mechanics, electrical engineering and hydraulics to safety for people, machines and products. Benefit from longer service lives and reduced maintenance – always keeping environmentally friendly solutions in mind.

What service means to usWe develop your custom system solution

We provide expertise tailored to your field of activity: HYDAC KineSys develops custom system solutions on the basis of high-quality components, modern simulation and system engineering tools and in-depth knowledge in all kinds of drive technology sectors. With a fixed contact who takes over the internal company coordination for you, we offer you constant support and fast implementation.

Our solution: your turnkey HYDAC subsystemA target value becomes the actual motion

Benefit from our knowledge spanning multiple industries and technologies. We're at your side during implementation and pay particular attention to the interfaces. Until everything is running smoothly.

Let us make sense of your functions and choose your right system design together.


Reap the benefits of a lean, perfectly tailored system designIncreased functionality, reliability and safety

The right solution comes from a balance of the various functionalities. A lean system design suited to your application is even more important. This often enables you to achieve greater functionality, reliability and safety with fewer components. Thanks to many years of knowledge and expertise spanning multiple industries, HYDAC is able to support you in choosing your optimal drive system:

Electromechanical drive technology

Your drive system - now even simpler: rely on the electromechanical cylinders from HYDAC as a useful addition or alternative for forces up to 500 kN.

Variable-speed hydraulic design

Hydraulics reduced to the essentials: switch from a conventional system layout to a variable-speed hydraulic system layout and make significant drive power savings.

HYDAC's range of products and services We help you to choose the right system. From individual products and simple drive concepts to custom system solutions.

HYDAC electric cylinders

HYDAC electric cylinders are maintenance-free across their entire service life and impress with their simple commissioning thanks to a Plug and Play solution. We offer the solution to your challenges, perfectly tailored to your needs - from simple components and custom engineering right up to complete drive systems including drive controllers, axis control and commissioning.

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HYDAC variable-speed hydraulic drives

Our variable speed hydraulic drives (DVA) are the perfect example of symbiosis between hydraulics and electronics. Our integrated, intelligent drive controller ensures needs-based closed loop control and therefore considerable energy savings. The standard solutions can be combined with all kinds of hydraulic modules for preconfigured basic functions, including sensors and pressure limiting.

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Custom system solutions

HYDAC supplies drive controls and valve controls in a turnkey subsystem solution for highly dynamic positioning accuracies up to 10 μm – this makes positioning, control and monitoring really simple even without external measurement systems. Thanks to the integrable control logic, you benefit from a central connection point for energy and communication.


Who or what is HYDAC KineSys?

With around 10,000 employees worldwide, HYDAC is one of the leading suppliers of fluid technology, hydraulic and electronic equipment. The KineSys team is your partner for expertise in drive solutions relating to kinematic systems.

Where does the name KineSys come from?

The name KineSys is based on a combination of the words kinematics and system.

What are variable-speed drives?

KineSys variable-speed drives (DVA) are the perfect example of symbiosis between hydraulics and electronics. Thanks to the integrated closed-loop control, the drive motor can be adjusted according to requirements. This results in a major potential for energy savings, as energy is only made available if it is actually needed. Energy savings of up to 70% are possible, depending on the machine cycle. The condition-optimised adjustment of the KineSys solution reduces the power dissipation to a minimum. It also drastically reduces the complexity on the hydraulic side.

What are electric cylinders?

As they are easy to integrate and need no maintenance, HYDAC electric cylinders (HEZ) allow simple implementation of linear movements. The HEZ function is achieved with the following set-up:

A (gear) motor drives the spindle via a coupling that is mounted in the bearing housing via ball bearings. The threaded nut converts the rotary movement of the spindle into a linear movement, as the nut housing is secured against turning with plain bearing guides. The piston rod is driven by the connection with the nut housing. The motor's direction of rotation therefore causes the piston rod to extend or retract. The spindle’s rotational speed and the pitch of the thread determine the translational speed. The inside of the HYDAC electric cylinder is protected from environmental influences by a sealing system. To fasten the power unit, there is a pivot bracket on the bearing housing and a rod end bearing on the piston rod, for example.

What is a CO3 power unit?

The CO3 power unit is a very inexpensive compact hydraulic supply unit based on a variable-speed drive and full integration of the frequency inverter and cooling system. The main fields of application for this plug & play solution are machine tools - especially lathes.

Why are variable-speed drives considered particularly energy-efficient and quiet?

The reason why variable-speed drives are considered particularly energy-efficient and quiet is that both the required flow rate and hydraulic power (and therefore the electric power) are provided to the consumer as needed. The hydraulic flow rate and rotational speed of the motor drops and the noise level of the fan and hydraulic pump is minimised. When no power is required, the drive train can even be switched off completely. This means that a variable-speed drive is much more quiet and energy efficient than conventional drives with a constant motor speed.

Why are electric cylinders considered environmentally friendly?

Electric cylinders (HEZ) are “self-contained axes”. The risk of environmentally harmful leakage is eliminated. Unlike a hydraulic system, no oil is taken in from a tank and fed into the hydraulic cylinders through all kinds of components. In an HEZ, no fluid “medium” is used to transmit force. This function is performed by the motor, transmission and spindle. The rotational movement of the motor is converted into a linear movement. Grease lubrication alone is needed to protect the components and reduce the internal friction. Harm to the environment can be prevented by using electric cylinders.

How do HYDAC KineSys solutions contribute to increased sustainability?

With variable-speed hydraulics, drive power, noise emissions, tank size and the frequency of maintenance can be reduced, helping to save even more resources in system operation.

When using electromechanical cylinders, oil no longer needs to be used as an operating fluid – the potential for contamination is further reduced.

HYDAC KineSys also aims to bring valuable materials back into the usage cycle. Our cover for the CO3 power unit is made from left-over packaging foil with aluminium content, which would otherwise be burnt, for example.

How do the system solutions from HYDAC KineSys increase performance?

Variable-speed hydraulic and electromechanical cylinders are effectively adjusted to processes and contribute to increased performance. This reduces the complexity and increases the functionality.

To what extent do HYDAC KineSys drive systems contribute to increased efficiency?

Hydraulic and electromechanical drive systems are adapted to the application's functionalities. The energy requirement is precisely adjusted to the required cycle. This is how the drive power is provided as needed. The significantly lower power loss means that the hydraulic oil cooling is often no longer necessary. This has a twofold effect. Less energy is required for the hydraulic drive and energy is no longer required for cooling.

How does HYDAC KineSys relate to thermal management?

By switching from resistance control to displacement controlled hydraulics (variable-speed hydraulics), cooling can be omitted in many cases as there is significantly less heat input in the system. With electromechanical drive cylinders, no additional cooling is needed.

What contribution does HYDAC KineSys make in terms of digitalisation and software?

The drive controller acts as a central connection point for energy and communication and enables control, closed loop control, monitoring and remote control of the drive system. In addition, the clever combination of the drive controller and software allows the production process to be clearly monitored down to the component level and stored for quality purposes.

Your advantages with the drive solutions from HYDAC KineSys

From a single supplier

From a single supplier

Rely on HYDAC's expertise, high-quality components and modern tools

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Save energy thanks to the needs-based drive power with the variable-speed system design

Process reliability

Process reliability

HYDAC provides reliable solutions which increase quality and efficiency

Plug & Play technology for easy commissioning


Our Plug and Play technology makes simple commissioning possible in all kinds of hydraulic modules

Remote support

Remote support

Since 2014: remote commissioning and online support via our online tools

Aftersales service

Aftersales service

Count on us – even after the project planning phase and after commissioning your drive system


We can solve your drive challenge

Get advice from our experts on your tailor-made drive system.

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