HYDAC Fluid Care

At HYDAC, we understand the importance of maintaining the performance and longevity of your industrial equipment. That's why we've developed our Fluid Care program, a comprehensive solution for hydraulic, lubrication, and cooling systems. Our program is designed to help you get the most out of your equipment, while minimising downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and improving your bottom line.

Technical Cleanliness


Monitor Fluid Health for Optimal Performance

Ensure that your industrial assets are performing at their best with HYDAC's laboratory analysis services.

Productivity increase


Enhance Performance with HYDAC's Products and Services

Optimize your fluid care program and improve equipment performance with HYDAC's range of fluid conditioning, filtration, and overhaul solutions.


Expert Support for Potential Problems

Get the expert support you need to diagnose and solve potential equipment issues with HYDAC's experienced technicians.

With the Fluid Care program, you can be confident that your equipment is getting the care and attention it needs to perform at its best!

Expert Fluid Analysis

The condition of the operating fluid is comparable to a fingerprint of the overall condition of the system. Regular analysis is vital to monitor system health. The HYDAC Fluid Care program can help you with an array of issues, including:

Oil Ageing



Machine failure

Wear Debris


Water in Oil

Power supply

Static Discharge



Blocked Filters

Analysis Packages

To help you decide which tests you require, we have created the following analysis packages, incorporating our most popular tests. We are not limited to these, contact us if you require a bespoke analysis suite. Tests are also available individually if required, and quotations can be provided upon request.

Hear about the benefitsFirst hand from our labratory team

An inside look into oil analysis and the labratory offerings that HYDAC can offer globally to increase system availability and reduce costs.

Download our guide to ensure the health of your hydraulic systemsThe smoother a system runs the less likelihood of failure

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