DVA Kit with an intelligent drive controller The electronically adjustable fixed displacement pump from HYDAC KineSys

Simple pressure control: rely on HYDAC drive technology for your perfect solution and discover our pre-assembled, inspected and pre-set pressure supply unit. For versatile use wherever constant pressure supply or variable pressures are needed during the machine cycle.

Minimal power dissipation thanks to function-optimised drive solutions from HYDAC

Optimal drive technology for your all-round carefree package: get advice on your custom-fit speed-controlled drive solution now.

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Our solution: HYDAC DVA Kit with an intelligent drive controllerThe perfect example of symbiosis between hydraulics and electrical engineering

As a Plug & Play unit, our compact drive with a motor-mounted drive controller enables variable-speed, hydraulic pressure supply for your applications with a power of 0.55 kW to 22 kW. The pre-assembled, inspected and pre-set intelligent pressure supply unit is for versatile use wherever pressure needs to be controlled. The drive controller parameterisation is tailored to your system – whatever the range of tasks include. For example, a boost function can be used for short-term higher flow rate requirements in your system. In addition, the motor-mounted drive controller allows almost any hydraulic unit to be retrofitted - as a switch cabinet is not required. 

Technical information:

  • Asynchronous motor
  • Robust hydraulic gear pump
  • Intelligent drive controller with control circuits, networking and safety functions such as STO 
  • Wide input voltage range 
  • 3x 400 V (360 to 480 V)
  • 1x 230 V (180 to 250 V)
  • Reduced energy input into the system
  • No switch cabinet needed

HYDAC drive technology: this makes the difference

Simple integration & parameterisation With HYDAC KineSys, your system can be used straightaway

We offer you an all-round carefree package: HYDAC speed-controlled drives are easy-to-integrate, intelligent pressure supply units which can be put into operation immediately – you don't need any cross-system expertise in hydraulics, electrics and control technology. There is also no need to assemble individual components. Thanks to the drive controller permanently mounted on the motor-pump group, there is also no need for switch cabinet installation. This means that possible sources of error during commissioning are avoided. Our interdisciplinary HYDAC KineSys Team of hydraulic engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and automation specialists bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. 

Reduced complexity Straightforward drive technology for more efficiency

Thanks to our straightforward technology, all sensors and drive details can be networked with a control system via a communication interface on the drive controller - the sensors and control system required for this are already electrically connected and synchronized. This means that your system can be used straightaway without any additional expertise. The plain text error code with HYDAC drive controllers also enables easy troubleshooting and error analysis. But that's not all: thanks to the pre-assembled and pre-set unit made up of a motor and drive controller, a rotary field test is also no longer necessary. This means that the system behaviour is independent of the supply frequency. The DVA Kit operates in the same way everywhere: constant hydraulic performance worldwide. 

HYDAC hydraulic modules for variable-speed drivesThis is why you should opt for a DVA Kit with tailored hydraulic blocks

HYDAC variable-speed drive solutions can be combined with various hydraulic modules for preconfigured basic functions, including sensors and pressure limiting. 

Relying on hydraulic modules for variable-speed pumps from HYDAC is worth your while: 

DVA Kit without hydraulic block for variable-speed pumps

If you use a DVA kit without a suitably matched hydraulic block, you have to take care of further integrations. This means that the following tasks will still need to be completed and taken into account:

  • Connecting the supply voltage 
  • Connecting the sensor lines
  • Synchronising the sensors with the drive controller

The following questions must be answered: 

  • Where does the pressure sensor need to be connected?
  • Who will synchronize the connected pressure sensor with regard to signal type, signal level and input terminal in the drive controller?
  • Who will adjust the process controller?

DVA Kit with hydraulic block for variable-speed pumps

If you select a preconfigured basic supply block for the DVA kit, integration is even easier for you. This is because everything is coordinated with each other and synchronised. As a result:

  • The right pressure sensor is integrated into the hydraulic block and appropriately coded in the drive controller.
  • The electrical connection of the sensor line is simple and safe due to pre-assembled connectors.
  • You'll also receive step-by-step instructions for commissioning. 

All you have to do is answer the following questions:

  • Where does the target value come from?
  • Who will connect the supply line?

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With our DVA Kit, you can configure your variable-speed motor pump units – individually tailored to suit your needs.

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