HYDAC Combination Valves Multiple functions in one single compact valve

Reduce your machine's space requirements, costs and weight: HYDAC combination valves for hydraulics enable multiple functions to be integrated into your control block in just one single compact valve. Whether it's for pressure relief, a compact quick-change function or a pressure-safeguarded bypass pressure compensator function - HYDAC hydraulic valves are optimised for your applications. Discover our compact valve solutions now.

Rely on HYDAC valves with function integration

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HYDAC has the solution to your challenges

Complexity reduction

With machine functions constantly becoming more complex, especially within the mobile sector, increasingly complex components are needed that are able to combine multiple functions. This means that greater demands are being placed on hydraulic valves while cost pressures are increasing.

Installation space optimisation

New regulations and increasing energy costs are shining a light on lightweight, compact and energy-saving solutions. Compact components give you the ability to set yourself apart on the market - especially when it comes to mobile machines.

Functional safety

Machine failures cost valuable time and ultimately money. This makes the highest level of functional reliability in your application all the more relevant. Valves with several integrated functions reduce the potential for leakage. A major advantage.

Universal use

Mobile machines in particular are as versatile as their applications. The demands on the associated components are very diverse. HYDAC combines individuality on the market with the standards required for your company.

Our solution: tailor-made hydraulic valves with integrated functionsReduce your machine's space requirements, costs and weight

HYDAC combination valves for hydraulic control blocks are the solution to the above-mentioned challenges. Our compact solution enables all kinds of functions to be integrated into one cartridge valve. Thanks to the use of a standard pipe connection, our hydraulic solutions are easy to implement. We will find the right HYDAC valve for your application, tailored to your needs and optimised for your application.

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Our range of HYDAC compact combination valves Hydraulic valves – optimised for our customer's applications

HYDAC's WKDRM08140Y combination valve for a compact quick change function

Achieving a compact quick-change function by combining three valve functions: the cost-saving and space-saving combination valve ensures a high level of safety during tool changes. This is because combining the functions in a single valve provides a securely locked bolt position when the valve is de-energised as well as a mechanically adjustable locking pressure. The HYDAC hydraulic valve provides optimum pressure conditions for tool change, e.g. in telescopic handlers.

HYDAC DB10PY combination valve for hydraulic circuit pressure relief

Our DB10PY HYDAC combination valve impresses with its extremely compact design and low space requirements. Thanks to the combination of an adjustable pressure relief valve as well as a normally open 2/2 way switch valve as a bypass, the HYDAC valve is suitable for relieving the pressure or shutting down sections of the hydraulic circuit. Choose from our modular system for nominal sizes from 8 to 16 as well as our flow rate ranges from 60 to 300 l/min.

HYDAC DR08PY combination valve for connecting a pressure-regulated circuit

Save valuable installation space and reduce the weight of your machines: thanks to the combination of the valve functions of an adjustable pressure control valve and a normally relieving 3/2 way C spool valve, the valve enables the compact connection of a pressure-regulated circuit. Special feature: simply applying a supply voltage is sufficient to control this valve.

HYDAC PWK10121WS combination valve for plunger cylinder lifting/lowering processes

Benefit from fast, load-independent lowering without an additional flow control valve or the use of a pressure compensator: as only one valve is flowed through, the Δp for lowering is reduced compared to conventional solutions with multiple valves. This also enables plunger cylinders to be lowered without a load at a desired speed.

HYDAC's DWM12121ZD combination valve for a pressure-safeguarded bypass pressure compensator function

The HYDAC combination valve ensures excellent stability over the entire pressure and volume flow range as well as increased functional safety thanks to integrated LS pressure limiting. And this is all in addition to reduced space requirements, weight and costs. The HYDAC valve is available for different control pressure differences and with various options, such as hydrodynamic damping or internal, permanent relief of the load-sensing line. Find out more now.

HYDAC combination valve DB12PK for clamping, press, and overload protection functions

The HYDAC combination valve DB12PK is a kick-down pressure relief valve. While conventional pressure relief valves merely limit the pressure and maintain it at a certain pressure level, the DB12PK abruptly reduces the pressure to a very low value once the set pressure has been reached. This means that the valve works like a shear bolt but reactivates automatically when the relief flow rate falls below the threshold value. A typical application is securing a machine when it hits an obstacle. Damage to equipment can be avoided by the valves opening suddenly and reducing the pressure to low pressure.

Your advantages at a glance

Function integration

Multiple valve functions integrated into one hydraulic valve

Installation space optimisation

Save space and weight thanks to integrated functions


Functional safety

Increased functional safety thanks to a reduction in potential leakages


Extremely compact design


Universal use 

Universal use thanks to the use of a standard pipe connection

Tailor-made solution

A perfect fit

The right combination valve for every application

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