• Well equipped for digital education and training

    – with the HYDAC hydraulics training package

  • Well equipped for digital education and training

    – with the HYDAC hydraulics training package

  • Well equipped for digital education and training

    – with the HYDAC hydraulics training package

The HYDAC Hydraulic Trainer, the modern training device for first-class & practical hydraulics training

Hands on hydraulics, modern und interactive:

To support theoretical education and for training purposes, the practical HHT2 hydraulic training package was developed by HYDAC. Built with robust HYDAC components from current production in industrial-grade design, the device is an integrated all-inclusive strategy for the topic of hydraulics – with a wide range of options and corresponding training exercises (an extract is available under Downloads).


As various work packages can be selected as desired, a variety of content within the topic of hydraulics can be taught:

  • Manually operated standard hydraulics
  • Electro-hydraulics
  • Proportional technology
  • Measurement equipment
  • PLC package for extensive open- and closed-loop tasks
  • Digital package 4.0 for extended connectivity


One or two workstations that can be used independently enable all hydraulic training tasks to be mapped on a single device. The Hydraulic Trainer HHT2 makes hydraulics a hands-on experience and makes it possible to apply theoretical knowledge quickly, simply, cleanly and in a fun way in a group of up to six participants simultaneously.

“With its robust industrial components, the HYDAC Hydraulic Trainer provides an integrated all-inclusive strategy. All hydraulic training tasks can be mapped on a single device.”

Technical characteristics, Hydraulic Trainer HHT2:



  • Speed-controlled KINESYS power unit for 230 V / 50 Hz, no three-phase current needed
  • Low-noise pump (<50 dBa at 1-metre distance)
  • Flow rate 3.7 l/min per workstation
  • Pressure ports can be switched separately
  • Non-adjustable maximum pressure limit
  • Automatic depressurisation of tank during switching
  • Other voltage ranges on request  


  • Industry components from the HYDAC product range (practical)
  • Can be positioned freely on the profile wall
  • Patented mounting system
  • Attractive appearance with anodised aluminium blocks

Future-proof education in the era of digitisation: practical teaching of digital expertise

The relentless progress of digitisation is showing no signs of stopping, even in technical apprenticeship trades. Accordingly, an increasing level of expertise in digital information processing is called for in mechatronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and production technology. Anyone wishing to provide training with future potential therefore needs to incorporate new digital technologies into their training strategy.


To fulfil this requirement, HYDAC has added the digital package 4.0 to the HYDAC Hydraulic Trainer:

  • Integration of all electronic components in a separate rack
  • Collection, depiction, transmission and saving of measured data
  • The correct methods for dealing with measurement data can thus be taught in a simple and practical way.
  • Integration of HYDAC components, such as sensors and interfaces, and thus simple interaction with other HYDAC packages
  • The software used is tailored to the needs of our customers and can be flexibly adjusted to suit your requirements.


This user-friendly and training-orientated system enables users to work through work-related situations directly related to practice and thus come up with various solutions and strategies for action.

“With the hydraulic training package from HYDAC, we are already well equipped for tomorrow’s digital world of work.”

Technical characteristics & accessories, digital package 4.0

  • Rolling 19" rack
  • Holder for portable data recorder HMG 4000
  • Built-in PLC
  • CSI-C-11 – i4.0-compatible condition sensor interface for fluid-orientated machine condition monitoring
  • CS1320 contamination sensor for mineral-oil-based fluids
  • IO-Link Master
  • HPT 1446S – i4.0-compatible smart pressure transmitter
  • AS 1008 Aquasensor
  • DATA+ edge computing device
  • Accessory cable
  • Switch cabinet with main switch
  • Easily expandable

Financial support from federal and state government with “DigitalPakt Schule”

To support schools and training institutes in investing in digital devices for education and training, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the federal states have approved the administrative agreement “DigitalPakt Schule” 2019 to 2024. This involves federal and state government granting financial support to schools of all forms in general and vocational education so that they can invest in digital equipment for teaching and learning. The teaching aids eligible for funding include digital working equipment for vocational training. A total of investment sum of 5.5 billion euros will be made available across Germany by the end of 2024. The funding is requested by the school boards of each federal state.

As it provides funding for digital working equipment for vocational training, DigitalPakt Schule makes it possible to apply for financial support for the HYDAC Hydraulic Trainer with added digital package 4.0. We will help you with the application!

Advantages of the HYDAC hydraulic training package at a glance:

  • Practical hydraulic training device with robust components in industrial-grade design from the leading manufacturer HYDAC and in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training
  • As hydraulics work packages can be selected as needed, a variety of topics can be taught
  • Financial support from federal and state government for training institutes for the hydraulic training device with added digital package 4.0
  • HYDAC will assist you in applying for funding for your institute
  • Well-thought-out overall concept with everything from a single source: trainer, power unit, components, training tasks and contacts
  • Successful mix of form and function
  • Hydraulic training device very quiet and energy-saving, thanks to variable-speed drive unit
  • Simple operation and tool-free circuit design
  • Highly robust, low-leakage industrial connectors
  • Modular, allowing for flexibility and expansion
  • Custom integration of additional components is straightforward
  • Drawer cabinet and hose holder for clean storage
  • Expert commissioning and instruction possible on site


HYDAC offers additional service for the Hydraulic Trainer HHT2:

  • Support in applying for funding with the “DigitalPakt Schule”
  • Various training exercises for the training device
  • Commissioning package
  • Maintenance of your hydraulic training device by HYDAC
  • Basic hydraulic training courses
  • Advanced hydraulic seminars
  • Hydraulic system and control technology
  • Specialist service-related seminars
  • Special E-learning courses