The OffLine Filter OLFP 3 is a stationary bypass flow filter and is used for the separation of oil ageing products, water and solid particles from hydraulic and lubrication fluids. It can be utilised with and without motor pump group. The housing is stable under pressures up to 16 bar. Thanks to its compact construction, the OLFP 3 is also ideal for utilisation in the smallest of installation spaces. The Trimicron filter elements N3TM003 used were specially developed for the combined separation of particulate miniscule contamination, water and oil-ageing and/or oxidation products. This involves combined Pleat and Spun Spray deep-bed filter elements. The filter layers used were manufactured by means of meltblown technology.
  • Separation of oil ageing products, solid particles and water
  • Improvement of component service life
  • Greater machine availability
  • Lower space requirements through compact construction
  • High service-friendliness
  • High contamination retention capacity of the elements
  • Environment-friendly element disposal through ashability
  • Pressure stability of the housing up to 16 bar
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