Flow Rate Sensors
Flow Rate Sensors

Flow Rate Sensors

HYDAC ELECTRONIC offers a different of flow rate measuring transducers and flow switches for recording the flow rate in machines and plants.
The flow rate measuring transducer of the EVS 3000 series works in accordance with the turbine principle (recording the rpm of an impeller wheel rotating in the media flow). Depending on the version, additional connection openings for pressure and/or temperature transmitters are available. The flow monitors of the HFS 2000 series are based on the buoyancy transmitter measurement principle. Under these circumstances, the measurement medium deflects a spring-charged buoyancy transmitter in the flow direction, depending on the flow rate. A reed contact is fitted outside of the device. This will switch when the magnet integrated in the buoyancy transmitter reaches the preset position. Electronic flow rate measuring transducers for general applications:
  • EVS 3100 (for oils / viscous media)
  • EVS 3110 (for water-based media)
Electromechanical flow monitors for general applications:
  • HFS 2100 (for oils / viscous media)
  • HFS 2500 (for water-based media)

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