HIT 1000

Available versions: Standard and for applications with increased functional safety up to CAT3
The inclination signal is calculated in quasi-static condition, based on a 3 axis acceleration sensor using MEMS technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System).

In addition to the inclination, acceleration values are available for all of the three spatial axes. The application developer is provided with a higher degree of freedom, which is very useful for the optimisation of control processes in the machine control.

The inclination sensor versions for applications with increased functional safety are designed according to SIL2 (IEC 61508) and PL d (ISO 13849). Two safety architectures are available: Category 2 (ISO 13849) or 1oo1 (EN 61508) and Category 3 or 1oo2.
A safe transmission of the measured values is ensured by the CANopen Safety Protocol.

HIT 1500:

The HIT 1500 family has been especially developed for the detection of the inclination inside of dynamic systems.
An additional gyroscope is provided for the calculation of the inclination in the dynamic system.
In addition to the inclination signals, the acceleration and gyro values are also available in all 3 spatial axes.