HSS 130
HSS 130

HSS 130

HSS 130

The contact free speed sensors of the HSS 130 series detect the movement of ferromagnetic structures, such as gear wheels, gear rims or perforated discs, using the changes in magnetic flux.

So each sensor has two hall elements and the differential between the two signals is detected, evaluated and then converted into an output signal for processing.

The instruments are available in different immersion depths. For integration into standard controls, standard output signals are available.

- 2-channel reverb difference sensor

- Single-wire sealing

- Very high EMC strength

- Large switching distance

Due to their extremely compact design, the robust housing and protection class IP6K9K, the devices can be used in almost any application and any mounting position.

These devices are mainly used for detection of speed and rotation direction on rotary sensors, even under extreme environmental conditions.

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