HYDAC process filters for snow water treatment

Use the right filter design to ensure perfect snow

Specific requirements regarding the quality of snow water often require individual solutions. Whether it's an individual filter or a filter cascade the right filtration concept can be optimized to meet the requirements of any system. The plant location and the quality of the raw water ultimately determine the selection of the appropriate filter or filter system. HYDAC has many years' experience in the treatment of river water and snow water. Many snow-making systems use snow water extracted from surface water such as streams, rivers or storage reservoirs. It is therefore vital to protect the pumps and snow cannons by treating the raw water.

Significant quantities of floating debris, such as sand, silt, fir, pine and larch needles may accumulate, depending on the extraction location and the quality of the raw water. Particularly when there is heavy rainfall, the level of solid matter in the water body can rise to several grams per litre, and can cause the snow cannon to fail.

To meet this challenge, HYDAC has many different filter components and systems.

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