Comprehensive application expertise for path-controlled machines

Mechanical presses

Mechanical presses, such as automotive presses or C-frame presses, usually have hydraulically-actuated clutch-brake combinations. This requires press safety valves in addition to a reliable pressure and cooling oil supply. The press is protected against improper overload by (electro-)hydraulic overload protection. In addition, die cushion axes make an essential contribution to the component quality of the drawn parts by controlling the flow of material. HYDAC is your competent local contact for all of these applications. With global service.

Servo presses

Servo presses are characterised by their direct drive. This is made possible by replacing the clutch and the mechanically-driven flywheel with a servo motor. These press drives must be cooled and monitored with suitable braking devices to ensure efficient use. (Electro-) hydraulic overload protection reliably protects against mechanical overload of the press frame. Get to know our broad product and service portfolio for press technology - we have the right solution for any application.

Functional safety

Reliably at your side - the safety of your mechanical high-performance presses and servo presses is of the utmost relevance for efficient operation of your machines and systems. That's why we support you in-person on site and offer you the optimal solution for your application, from the component to the system. With HYDAC, you're always in good hands.

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Functional safety for servo presses & mechanical presses: our product solutions

HYDAC press safety valve

No more unintentional slide start-ups thanks to the secure switch-off of the press as per DIN EN ISO 16092-2 via our press safety valve - suitable for clutch-brake combinations (CBC) and braking devices for your servo presses. Our hydraulic control system has a performance level e and a category 4 in accordance with DIN DN ISO 13849.


HYDAC compact control unit

The maximum protection of your clutch plates or brake is a priority for us. Our compact control unit for hydraulically actuating your clutch-brake combination helps you with gentle clutching and braking. Get in touch with us – we're happy to advise you.


HYDAC hydraulic overload protection

The HYDAC overload protection switches off mechanical high-performance presses and forming machines in a few milliseconds. The cartridge design with an integrated ratio valve makes the system very dynamic and offers optimal protection for your press. Also available with electro-hydraulic switch-off to protect your forming tools (on request). 

Thermal management & cooling strategies

Achieve greater efficiency with needs-base thermal management - increase both the productivity and service life of your path-controlled machines. HYDAC is your expert for reliable cooling and temperature control solutions for sustainable and sensible energy use. Learn more about our broad product portfolio for your servo presses and mechanical presses.

Thermal management for servo presses & mechanical presses: our product solutions

HYDAC fluid water cooling system

With the fluid-water cooling systems from HYDAC, you can optimise your servo motor's temperature management. The compact design makes it especially suitable for energy-efficient use in forming machines. Find out more now!

More information on the HYDAC FWKS


HYDAC power unit cooling

Our cooling systems increase your forming machine's level of safety and energy efficiency. The idea oil viscosity can help you to achieve maximum efficiency of your hydraulic system. We work with you to optimise your hydraulic power unit's operating temperature! 

More information on HYDAC FLKS

Pressure, cooling & lubricating oil supply

Flawless supply of pressure, cooling oil and lubricating oil to braking devices, clutches, pressure points, die cushions and other mechanical interfaces is required so that servo presses or mechanical presses can utilise their full potential. HYDAC accompanies you on this journey with standardised products and customer-specific solutions - for a continuous oil supply and maximum availability of your presses.

Oil supply in servo presses & mechanical presses: our product solutions

HYDAC CO1 compact power unit

Do you need a noise-optimised and space-saving power unit in the head piece to supply pressure oil to your braking devices? Our CO1 compact power unit is the solution for applications in press construction. The decentralised and local positioning of the power unit makes piping the power unit easy.

More information on the HYDAC CO1 compact power unit

HYDAC hydraulic power units for clutches and brakes

Whether customised or standardised in design - our hydraulic power units ensure the needs-based pressure supply and cooling oil supply of your clutches and brakes. Intelligent digital solutions for monitoring your presses are also part of our repertoire. 

HYDAC compact power units for hydraulic overload protection

Our compact power unit for hydraulic overload protection is designed to quickly fill and precisely maintain pressure at the pressure point of the mechanical press. Shorten the wait times after triggering an overload with our optional pre-charge pumps. 

HYDAC HY-LU compact lubricating unit

The HYDAC HY-LU compact lubricating unit is based on a modular system for lower flow rates of up to 19 l/min. It's designed to stop the lubricating film being torn off your press. Higher flow rates are possible by request. Get in touch with us – we're happy to advise you!


In light of the ever-increasing costs of energy and raw materials, efficient drive technology designs are an important element in the overall consideration of life cycle costs. HYDAC uses its globally recognised expertise in engineering, production and service to develop modern and efficient drive systems. We have the right system for your press too. Contact us now!

Actuators in servo presses & mechanical presses: our product solutions

HYDAC innovative cylinder construction

Whether you need new, sustainable coating solutions or sealing solutions - talk to the HYDAC team of experts! We'll help you to optimise and digitalise your cylinder. We work with you to find the optimal solution for your application's actuators.

More information on HYDAC cylinders

HYDAC high pressure/low pressure die cushion axes

Sustainable and productive: the patented high-pressure/low-pressure solution from HYDAC is particularly energy efficient for die cushions - suitable for die cushion axes from 800 to 1750 kN. Contact us and make a consultation appointment.

HYDAC electric cylinders - HEZ

Our resource-saving electric cylinders offer you high dynamics in combination with moderate power transmission for auxiliary drives and presses with pressing forces up to 1000 kN. This is made possible by converting the rotary movement of the electric motor into a linear motion. Find the perfect drive system for your application with our experts.

More information on HYDAC HEZ


Digitalisation enables both reliable condition monitoring of your path-controlled machines as well as predictive machine planning and maintenance. Smart sensor systems and intelligent edge devices make this possible! This saves you time when managing your data and maintenance intervals. 

Digitalisation in servo presses & mechanical presses: our product solutions

HYDAC smart sensors

Plan the servicing of your presses in advance and reduce your costs in the long term. Our integrated statistics help you to evaluate the overall strain on your press or tools. Whether its temperature, pressure or oil condition sensors - choose the perfect solution for your application from our broad product portfolio. 

More information on HYDAC sensors

HYDAC p0-Guard pressure switch EDS 3400

Whether it's a lack of pressing force or slowed cylinder speeds - HYDAC will help you with the fault-finding on your hydraulic accumulator. Our EDS 3400 monitors the pre-charge pressure from the oil side. Learn about the many advantages!

More information on the HYDAC EDS 3400


From the sensor to the edge device in the cloud - efficient data management with the HYDAC DATA+ Box. With our technology, you can optimise your processes and avoid data waste, all while increasing the availability of your presses and forming machines.

More information on the HYDAC DATA+ Box


Maximum system availability in press plants is no longer feasible without condition monitoring of hydraulic components or sub-systems. Keep an overview with our CMX suite - whether its locally on your server or in the cloud.

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