The Requirements for Future-Proof Forestry and Agricultural Machinery HYDAC offers you systems perfectly tailored to your requirements

Conservation of Resources

Whether it's climate change, a lack of resources or inflation – conservation of resources is at the forefront of agricultural technology as well as forestry technology. Because company environmental protection measures don't just comply with directives and regulations. They also lead to lower costs. Whether it's agile steering systems, robust attachment control or precise machine controls – rely on our clever HYDAC solutions to conserve your resources.

Precision Farming

Agriculture 4.0: sophisticated operating functions increase yields and ensure that pesticides are used sparingly. For this, you can rely on our innovations from the sensor, open loop control technology, closed loop control technology and software industries. Our system solutions enable targeted and needs-based management of your fields and farmland.

Energy Efficiency

The world's population is increasing and with it the demand for resources. Because while yields need to rise, emissions need to fall – don't choose between sustainability and productivity: discover your energy-efficiency potential with HYDAC. We offer you innovative components and systems that reduce your CO2 emissions without having to compromise on performance. Get advice from our experts now.

A Wide Range of Solutions tailored to your RequirementsAs a development partner, we focus on your challenges

System solutions that will stand the test of time: as specialists in agricultural and forestry machinery, we're able to help you develop cutting-edge machines, adapted to local requirements.

HYDAC is your partner for functions & modules in agricultural machinery & forestry machinery

Functions & Modules

Assistance systems or full automation – HYDAC solutions are reliable and profitable

Assistance Systems & Automation

HYDAC develops optimised and energy-efficient thermal management solutions

Thermal Management

Electro-Hydraulic Subsystems

Whether it's rain, snow or uneven terrain: only with intelligent control technology can agricultural and forestry machines be controlled well even in the most unfavourable conditions without damaging the soil. Thanks to our knowledge of the machine architecture in mobile vehicles, we're able to help you develop a resource-saving, comfortable and precise machine. Thanks to our combination of clever simulation models and intensive testing with your machine, you receive perfectly coordinated system components.

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HYDAC's Ground Control Boom Control

Conserve fertilisers and pesticides: HYDAC supplies the perfect solution which enables you to use only as much pesticide as is necessary. Our subsystem for active boom control, HYDAC Ground Control, guides the boom to the optimum height and tilt above the crop – even in the toughest environmental conditions. Would you like to increase your operating speed and get a more precise application? Then contact our experts in mobile hydraulics now.

More information on HYDAC Ground Control

HYDAC Rotary Drive Control Speed Control

Tried-and-tested hydraulics and intelligent control technology: increased environmental protection and new directives are requiring more precision in electro-hydraulic systems. A requirement that HYDAC Rotary Drive Control meets - because wherever you need speed-controlled functions with the highest power density, the clever HYDAC system offers the optimum solution. With electronic speed control, Rotary Drive Control acts extremely precisely with excellent dynamic behaviour.

More information on HYDAC Rotary Drive Control

HYDAC Electronic Load-Sensing

Use agricultural machinery and attachments flexibly while accessing the full hydraulic power: where different functions require different pressures and oil quantities, our electronic load-sensing solution optimally adapts to your needs. With the load-pressure independent electronic system, you can increase your machine's user comfort as well as the efficiency.


The driving speed, operating speed and transport load are constantly increasing with the rising requirements placed on forestry and agricultural machines. What's especially important here? Increased safety and greater comfort. We're able to offer you a solution for precisely this purpose, adapted to your challenges and requirements:  we match system components together in the best possible way and develop your custom suspension. We're happy to advise you on what options you have for your specific requirements and support you with the implementation.

Find your Tailor-Made Suspension System. Discover our Innovative Solutions.

HYDAC Axle Suspension

The optimum axle suspension can only be implemented with the machine in mind. Because front-axle, rear-axle or full suspension may be the best choice, depending on the vehicle type. Over 50 years of experience enables our experts to optimally adapt our systems to your operating conditions. With the help of tried-and-tested HYDAC components, we're able to implement tailor-made axle suspensions.

HYDAC Cab Suspension

Take the strain off the machine operator on long working days and reduce vibration loads in the vehicle cab. Our compact, hydropneumatic cab suspension increases driving comfort and ensures safe machine operation. Damping forces can be adjusted independently. Discover the comfortable solution.

HYDAC Boom Suspension

HYDAC boom suspension leads to higher handling performance and more stable steering behaviour: our boom suspensions in a wide range of sizes and designs efficiently reduce pitching vibrations. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we're able to develop your tailor-made system, optimally adjusted to your machine. Reduce wear and downtimes now – contact us.

Electro-Hydraulic Additional Steering ADSteer

Especially manoeuvrable, low wear, precise and gentle on the ground - agricultural machines need to meet high standards. A factor that presents electro-hydraulic steering systems in trailers and machines with major challenges. Increase the flexibility of your vehicle fleet with ADSteer Profi - the standalone subsystem for electro-hydraulic additional steering which calculates the set angle of the steer axles in a non-contact manner.

Discover our standalone subsystem: more information on ADSteer

Main Control Valves

The requirements for the power density in mobile machines are increasing, along with the requirements for the hydraulic controls used. For this, you can rely on HYDAC's range of main control valves: thanks to their large fine control range, they control with particular precision without having to compromise on performance. As well as the highest level of precision and simplified machine operation, our experts offer maximum results. This is because the modular design of our valve technology enables function-specific optimisations.

The highest level of precision with HYDAC load-sensing main control valves. More information

Transmission Controls

Effectively improve your performance with HYDAC's tailor-made valve solutions for controlling powershift and dual clutch transmissions: depending on the transmission type or function, there are different requirements for the valve technology despite the uniform control logic. We offer clever, tailored solutions for your transmission's demanding functions. Find out now which valve suits your agricultural machine or forestry machine.

Improve performance now: more information on HYDAC transmission valves

Tank Optimisation

Our experts develop filtration designs which are perfectly adjusted to your requirements – allowing you to reduce your tank volume by up to 40 %. With a focus on sustainability, we opt for filtration solutions for small tanks with a higher degassing performance and optimal air separation. These can be tailored to your requirements to give you more freedom in how your machine is designed. Reduce your material use too – find out more about our HYDAC Tank Optimisation Platform now.

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Forestry Crane Kit

HYDAC Crane Control – the turnkey electro-hydraulic kit for forestry cranes and timber trailers: with our solution consisting of the load-sensing main control valve LX-6 Forestry and the xCrane electronic control, you get a system which is perfectly tailored to your forestry machine's requirements. Even the most demanding of tasks can be solved quickly and easily thanks to integrated crane boom tip control. There's something for your product range too: discover the fine controllability and precision now - contact us!

Innovative System Engineering – For over 50 Years

Rely on our simulation and engineering know-how: thanks to our many years of experience, we're able to help you develop competitive solutions for your forestry and agricultural machines. Discover our methods.

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