Bespoke Hydraulic Manifolds Capabilities

HYDAC' s bespoke hydraulic manifolds offer a world of possibilities for optimising hydraulic systems. In this blog post, we delve into the capabilities of these customised solutions. Let's explore how Hydac's expertise in hydraulic engineering can elevate your system performance.

Covering all your bespoke manifold capability with HYDAC Technology

HYDAC have over 50 years of experience in the field of hydraulics and manifold design for mobile and industrial markets. Our UK manifolds are manufactured in Witney, Oxfordshire and we have an experienced external sales team throughout the UK and Ireland supporting customers locally.

We are uniquely placed to integrate a wide range of in-house designed hydraulic components to offer innovative and optimised solutions for our customers. Whether utilising our size 6 mini valves to offer industry-leading reductions in size and weight for cost savings to incorporating our sensors and accumulators – HYDAC are your considered partner for any hydraulic manifold requirements.  

Customer application and collaboration

We feel it is important to support our customers locally and where possible meet onsite to understand their specific requirements better. We therefore have a dedicated and experienced team of sales and applications engineers throughout the UK and Ireland ready to support your next project. 

Along with HYDAC’s in house design capabilities, we are also able to utilise our In-house developed application and automatic design tool software ‘Easy Application Designer’. By populating a schematic, component list and design constraints our online tool can automatically provide 3D design layouts, drawings and BOM’s for purposes of costing in a matter of hours. This allows us to provide customers with design and price proposals for quick consideration against their project scope.    

As well as having a local focus, HYDAC is a global organisation with offices located in multiple locations around the world. In terms of global support for service and spares requirements, HYDAC has the ability to support OEM’s worldwide. 

Design, Review and Sign off

HYDAC have extensive experience in systems application engineering. Decades of proven HYDAC knowhow and design methodology has contributed to developing our qualified Product engineering process (PEP) which is routinely followed on every project.

Full customer engagement throughout the design process is paramount with stage gated reviews of circuits and design layouts in order to optimise designs to align with customers specific installation requirements. 

Full documentation pack issued to customers for review and approval prior to manufacture. Documentations can be tailored to suit each project ranging from engineering drawings and CAD files to requirements for military and off-shore oil and gas projects. 

Manufacturing - Machining, Assembly & Test


Latest DMG Mori equipment to support manufacturing across a wide spectrum of requirements. Whether that be milled or turned components, simple square section steel, cast iron or aluminium alloys or even demanding stainless steels.  

HYDAC can support all aspects of customer requirements from Prototype manufacture to support NPI projects through to high-volume production underpinned by our two shift operation with lights out machining. 

Software used to program our machine tools offline allowing us to integrate directly with CAD models issued from our engineering department and to maximise the efficiency of our machine tools. We also perform simultaneous program verifications ensuring quality production as well as maintaining the integrity of our equipment.

HYDAC’s internal quality procedures subject machined parts to a thorough inspection routine through CMM and manual gauge processes giving customers the confidence that they will always receive conforming product. Additional activities provided both internally and externally cover manual deburr, thermal deburr and a range of different surface treatments as required by our customers. Cleanliness is at the foundation of what we do at HYDAC and we have invested heavily in specialist equipment to ensure removal of manufacturing contamination prior to assembly. 


Assembly & Testing

Components are cleaned prior to assembly to HYDAC’s stringent cleanliness standard (HN18-50) with robust work instructions and controlled PPM procedures. 

Production incorporates 5s principles with continual emphasis on a ‘clean assembly build’ approach using a multi skilled workforce trained against a comprehensive HYDAC training program. Completed parts are hand assembled referencing engineering drawings, schematics, assembly procedures and detailed work instructions. 

Full functionality testing including max pressure testing of completed assemblies is available to confirm circuit design and functionality prior to customer dispatch.  

Dispatch and Quality Documentation

From concept to dispatch, HYDAC’s quality control is vital in ensuring our customers receive the highest quality product possible. 

We can provide a number of supporting product certifications and documentations including, but limited to:

  • ISIR’s (Initial Sample Inspection Reports)
  • PPAP’s – Levels 1-5
  • Quality Control Plans
  • Process flow diagrams 
  • Material certification (EN 10204)
  • Visual inspection reports 
  • CMM Dimensional reports
  • Certificate of Compliance

Our quality system is independently and regularly evaluated by an external accreditation body, ensuring our processes remain efficient to enable us to deliver high quality products and services

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