Exploring HYDAC's Linear Position Sensors (HLT Series)

HYDAC's HLT Series offers a range of linear position sensors for various applications. In this magazine article, we'll delve into the diverse options available. Let's uncover the features and benefits of HYDAC's linear position sensors to help you choose the right one for your needs.

What Linear Position Sensor would suit you bestFind out about HYDAC range of HLT

Are you in need of a reliable and accurate linear position transmitters solution? Look no further than HYDAC, a leading provider of innovative hydraulic solutions. We will introduce you to the world of linear position transmitters and how HYDAC's cutting-edge technology can address your specific needs. Whether you are in the industrial or mobile sector, HYDAC has the perfect solution for you. So, let's dive in and discover how HYDAC can help you.

Linear Position Sensors Benefit of the HLT range

Standard and with increased functional safety

High degree of accuracy

Different measuring ranges

Very robust housing

High shock and vibration resistance

Contact-free and wear-free

Different types of electrical and connector versions

Models and version can be adapted to suit the particular application

HLT range of sensors HYDAC Solutions

Linear Position Transmitter HLT 2500

The sensor works on the principle of magnetostriction. This measuring principle determines with high accuracy the position, distance and/ or speed and is based on elapsed time measurement. Utilising this non-contact and wear-free measuring system, Hydac offers a version in an Aluminium profile housing or a flat profile housing. The different output signals (analogue current / voltage) enable connection to all HYDAC ELECTRONIC GmbH measurement and control devices as well as standard evaluation systems (e.g. PLC controls). External set inputs for the analogue start point and end point offer an additional possibility of a customised adjustment. The HLT 2500 is primarily used in stationary applications, especially when a partially integrated solution in hydraulic cylinders is not possible.


Triple Sensor HLT 1300

The linear position transmitter HLT 1300 with integrated pressure and temperature measurement function has ben specially developed due to the growing demands in the field of linear position measurement. The measured values such as linear position, pressure and temperature are simultaneously digitised and made available to the CANopen Safety protocol in a highly dynamic and safe way. 

Linear Position
HLT 700

The measuring principle of the sensor for determination of position or distance is based on a magnetic-inductive principle. Based on such non-contact and wear-free measuring system, HYDAC offer a version in a pressure-resistant housing for full integration in hydraulic cylinders. The various output signals (e. g. analogue, or CANopen) enable the connection to all HYDAC ELECTRONIC measuring and control units as well as the linkage to other commonly used evaluation systems (e.g. SPS controls). Linear position sensors HLT 700 are suitable for a wide range of applications as from standard applications up to diagnostic applications. HLT 700 have particularly been designed to be integrated into small size cylinders. With rod diameter of 8 mm and head diameter of 24 mm they are integrated space saving.


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