• Requirement analyses, simulation and system optimisation
  • Control and automation technology
  • Project-specific software

Hydraulic Power unit

Hydraulic power unit for installation at your specified location

  • Small power units => Hybox Mini +Hybox  Basic modular systems => fast availability
    pmax = 350 bar;  Qmax = 60 l/min
  • Hydraulic power units up to 10,000 l/min ->  larger upon request 
  • Hydraulic power unit with variable speed drive

 Hydraulic power unit for mobile applications thanks to hydraulics in the container

  • Hydraulic power units integrated into the container
  • Small, movable power units 

Application-specific sensors

  • Pressure and temperature
  • Oil condition
  • Particle contamination and humidity
  • Standard electrical and mechanical connections
  • For preventative fluid servicing and increased operational safety
  • Mobile portable data recorders for service, commissioning and maintenance


Accumulators of all functional principles (see HYDAC hydraulic accumulators) for different applications:

  • energy storage
  • Minimising pump pulsations
  • Avoidance of pressure peaks and noises
  • Accumulator stations for additional short-term flow

Hydraulic cylinders

Servo-cylinders (= very low-friction cylinders)

  • Differential cylinder
  • Double-rod cylinders with and without protection pipe
  • Synchronous cylinders

Valve block

  • Manifold block
  • Safety block, e.g. with setting functions, counter balance and maximum flow control valves, pressure filter and accumulator for emergency functions
  • Valve block mounted directly on the cylinder

Filtration solutions

A comprehensive range of hydraulic and breather filters, fitted with high-quality filter element material ensures high operational safety and extended maintenance intervals, e.g.:

  • Return filtration
  • Offline filters
  • Pressure oil filtration
  • Tank Breather Filter

Filter clogging indicator for improved operational safety and to indicate maintenance intervals, if required.

Cooling systems

High capacity and easy-to-install cooling systems are available to comply with legal requirements for noise and energy efficiency.

  • Oil/air coolers
  • Oil/water coolers
  • Compressor coolers


  • Mounting units for components and piping
  • Ball Valves
  • Fluid level indicator   and sensors