Filter systems & cooling systems for converter platforms in wind parks In focus: autonomous & low-maintenance operation of your converter platforms

In addition to rough winds and strong currents, the ocean offers one thing above all else: space. Space that offshore wind parks can put to great use, especially when it comes to the energy revolution. Converter platforms make up an important link here in the power transmission from the sea to the coast. They need to be continuously cooled with seawater so that they don't overheat. This only goes smoothly with reliable filtration. HYDAC offers you both—a tried-and-tested filtration solution combined with robust plate heat exchangers made of titanium. Read more.

Reduce costly servicing with the HYDAC system solution

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Converter platforms for offshore wind parksAvoid time-consuming and cost-intensive servicing

Converter platforms are in greater demand than ever before. Why: the distance between wind parks and the coast is constantly increasing, because the system can generate higher yields there. Coordinated cooling and filtration are important for converter platforms to operate reliably. Without upstream filtration, impurities from the seawater can impair the cooling function—causing the entire platform's performance to suffer. 

The consequence: expensive servicing and reduced energy yields put pressure on the wind park's economic viability, because on-site maintenance is time-consuming and costly. That's why smooth operation that is as autonomous as possible must be maintained. But this requires optimized product solutions. HYDAC offers you a coordinated system solution consisting of plate heat exchangers and automatic back-flushing filters—specially developed for the offshore sector.

These are avoidable costs, because your responsible specialist uses the HYDAC remote maintenance tool to access the machine controller on the go, without having to get on an airplane themselves. Our remote maintenance tool is sent instead—it's a breeze to start up and only takes seven steps. This results in short response times, minimized travel expenses, and increased system availability.

This means that your converter platforms can work autonomously & without failuresProtect heat exchangers against contaminated sea water

Maintenance at sea is complex and costly. That's why it is all the more worthwhile to do without service deployments that aren't necessary. Our tip: invest in the upstream sea water filtration process. Regular filters that require a complex screen and element replacement are used here all too often. Our automatic back-flushing filters clean themselves. Sources of error can be ruled out with a redundant design. The cleaned sea water protects your heat exchanger from wear. This means that deploying personnel on-site is no longer necessary. 

Our automatic back-flushing filters combined with HYDAC plate heat exchangers made of titanium are the perfect duo for autonomous operation of your converter platforms. With the robust design, including approvals if desired, you are ready for challenges at sea with our system solution.

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HYDAC's AutoFilt® automatic back-flushing filter Developed to separate solid particles from low viscosity fluids

Our automatic filters are the ideal choice for protecting your most important system components from blockages. This means that downstream components can also be protected from wear—your replacement costs are reduced as a result as your overall system can operate more efficiently and economically. Our AutoFilt® RF3 and RF7 in particular are suitable for use on the high seas.

What sets the HYDAC AutoFilt® series apart?

  • Simple maintenance without the use of hoisting equipment 
  • Low-wear filters thanks to the use of static seals, which, unlike dynamic seals, show lower wear
  • Flow-optimized design
  • Variable filter element geometry for efficient cleaning and optimal retrofitting
  • Continuous filtration without interrupting the process
  • Remote monitoring via intelligent control and condition monitoring
  • Optimized system solution combined with HYDAC plate heat exchangers

More information on HYDAC back-flushing filters

HYDAC plate heat exchangers Plates made of titanium for use in the offshore sector

More than just a component—at HYDAC, we rely on sophisticated system solutions for the maximum success of your wind park. We use turnkey solutions to cool transformers on your converter platforms to take full advantage of the opportunity for heat recovery.

What sets HYDAC plate heat apart?

  • Optimized heat transfer plates made of titanium
  • Sea water-resistant paint finishes 
  • Special approvals on request (LR, DNV, etc.)
  • Easy removal for cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Custom design

Your advantages With the HYDAC system solution

With our system solution, your converter platform for offshore wind parks is able to operate autonomously.

Reduction in costs

The combination of automatic back-flushing filters and plate heat exchangers allows your converter platform to operate autonomously. This is how you can increase the economic viability of your wind park.

Reduced service & maintenance requirements thanks to our system solution

Reduced need for maintenance

Reduce unnecessary maintenance deployments for your converter platform. Our automatic back-flushing filters prevent blockages in the system, which means that our plate heat exchangers work reliably and without failures.

HYDAC offers titanium plate heat exchangers and back-flushing filters made for harsh offshore conditions

Robust design

Fabricated from titanium and provided with a sea water-resistant paint finish, our plate heat exchangers withstand the toughest offshore conditions. The AutoFilt® series was also specifically developed for use at sea. 

Your partner for cooling converter platforms—thanks to years of experience in engineering

Optimized system solution

More than just a component—with HYDAC, you get comprehensive engineering expertise. We support you with a sophisticated cooling system for your converter platform.

Keep constant track of our automatic back-flushing filters—with the intelligent control & monitoring unit

Remote monitoring

Monitor and control our back-flushing filters conveniently from land—this is made possible via an intelligent control and monitoring unit.


How efficient are HYDAC back-flushing filters?

Our automatic back-flushing filters have been established on the market for many years—not least due to the high level of efficiency. There's only a one-time investment expenditure and no operating expenses. The self-cleaning function with our filters means that these maintenance deployments are automatically eliminated, sparing you the costs for replacing elements and screens.

How does isokinetic filtration and back-flushing work with the HYDAC AutoFilt® RF3?

How does the filtration work?
The fluid to be filtered flows through the wedge wire filter elements of the back-flush filter, passing from the inside to the outside. In the process, particles are deposited on the smooth inside surface of the filter elements—the fluid flows into the process cleaned. 
As the level of contamination increases, the differential pressure between the contaminated and clean side of the filter increases. Once the pre-set trigger point is reached (usually 0.3 to 0.5 bar), the automatic back-flushing starts. 

How does the back-flushing work?
The gear motor rotates the flushing arm under the filter elements to be cleaned. The contamination particles deposited on the inside of the element are loosened and flushed into the back-flush line.

How is the automatic back-flushing triggered?

  • When the differential pressure trigger point is exceeded
  • With a timer function
  • By pressing the “TEST” button

What distinguishes the AutoFilt® RF3 from the RF7?

The AutoFilt® RF7 supplements the HYDAC back-flush filter family with an additional user-friendly and compact series, which is particularly suitable for use in systems with limited space.

  • Space-saving, horizontal design
  • Pivoting lid device supplied as standard, for easy access to the inside of the filter
  • Maximum utilization of the filter area

More information on the HYDAC AutoFilt® RF3

Is it possible to digitally monitor the back-flushing filters?

To avoid unnecessary deployments to offshore wind parks, our back-flushing filters can be equipped with an intelligent controller and condition monitoring. This way you can always keep track of your filter unit's condition—no matter when and where. The automatic back-flushing filter from HYDAC also performs an autonomous self-diagnosis and system diagnosis.

How do you clean plate heat exchangers?

Using our automatic back-flushing filters preventatively protects plate heat exchangers, because the pre-filtration of the sea water effectively reduces impurities in the downstream cooling process. The result: cleaning your heat exchangers and therefore deployment on site is no longer necessary. But if deployment or cleaning is necessary, disassembly is a breeze—so nothing stands in the way of simple maintenance.

What approvals are possible?

Whether it's plate heat exchangers or back-flushing filters—we at HYDAC rely on certified quality. This means that, on request, we deliver products with the corresponding material certificates and approvals, such as:

  • DNV 
  • ABS
  • BV
  • And many more

Product brochures available for download You can find all the information on HYDAC automatic filters and plate heat exchangers in our product brochures. Find out more.

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With optimized filtration and cooling for your converter platform, you increase the economic viability of your wind park—and our team of experts is at your side.

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