HYDAC press control in a hybrid design Second to none - variable-speed hydraulics in press technology

In press technology, function is the top priority: machines need to be energy-efficient and work safely and reliably. Press control blocks are an important component in press control. When these are combined with variable-speed hydraulic drive constructions, there is great potential for more productive and cost-effective operation. Our unique HYDAC control blocks in a hybrid design are not only convincing in terms of press safety. They also boast a unique compact design for maximum reduction of installation space - including design according to DIN EN ISO 16092-3.

What makes HYDAC press control so special?

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What are your press control requirements?

Safe and reliable, but cost-effective Your focus: press safety

DIN EN ISO 16092-3, DIN EN ISO 13849 and Performance Level - the highest of safety standards must be met to ensure the safety of man and machine. Increasing the performance level often involves major modifications, which entail high costs.

But is that really necessary? In our experience, no. Simply insert a different valve and a higher performance level is achieved - without additional effort or cost. This is especially the case when retrofitting older systems to the current press safety standards. With HYDAC's press control blocks, it's a walk in the park.


Energy efficient without a loss in functionality Variable-speed hydraulics & electromechanics in presses

Permanently high energy surplus due to valve throttling losses, oversized components, and failure-prone valve control - this surplus leads to increased cooling requirements and even more energy is needed. These are all a drain on resources that can sometimes disrupt your press's productivity, leading to additional costs.

By combining the hybrid design HYDAC control blocks with our variable-speed pump concept, you save a lot of energy, leading to CO2 savings. An additional advantage: cooling is no longer required and the technology becomes simpler, lighter, and more compact. This allows us to make installation and maintenance easier for you. On top of that, we are able to integrate auxiliary functions into the control block at the same time.

More than just a single component - press control blocks from HYDACFocus on functionality instead of standard components from a catalogue

You're probably familiar with this situation: you're unhappy with your machine's performance and you're looking for a more economical solution that you can rely on in the long term. Ordering individual components has its pitfalls, however—that's why we're committed to providing you with a complete service that goes far beyond choosing an individual component.

Choose a project with HYDAC and you will be accompanied by our interdisciplinary team of hydraulic engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and programmers. We make no compromises when it comes to quality—we base our developments on components that have proven themselves in operation over many years.

Our press control blocks in a hybrid design really make sensePioneering. Cost-effective. Safe.

Large unit dimensions and protruding valves complicate the handling of your press, especially the freedom of movement in the press head piece that should be accessible for maintenance work. This means that installation and maintenance become a major feat and expensive due to high additional material costs.

To make your work and project planning easier, we have developed the next generation of press control blocks. Up to 30 % less installation space and weight—that's a fact. For you, this means material savings, weight savings, space savings, and simpler handing in general. All of this leads to an optimized carbon footprint. And these aren't even all the advantages of our hybrid design. We'd be happy to present our press control to you in detail in a one-to-one appointment.

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Our product range for press control

HYDAC press control block PSB/PSBH For upper piston presses up to 315 bar & a maximum flow rate up to 1,000 l/min

  • Type approval according to DIN EN ISO 16092-3
  • Designed to hydraulic control system safety regulations in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16092-3
  • Hydraulic control PLe in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849
  • Meets redundant and monitored safeguarding against unwanted pressure build-up on the piston side of the press cylinder as required according to DIN EN ISO 16092-3

HYDAC die cushion block ZSB/ZSBH For die cushion systems up to ­300 l/min & 315 bar

  • Safe movement of the die cushion in both motion directions
  • The hydraulic control corresponds to PLe Category 4 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849 in all travel modes
  • Both movement directions are redundantly protected and monitored with valve technology

HYDAC Retrofit Block PSN/PSNH For existing presses up to 600 l/min & 315 bar

  • For achieving the currently required safety requirements PLe Category 4 to DIN EN ISO 13849 in a retrofit without changing the existing control
  • Safe setup with PLd in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16092-3
  • Retrofitting existing press hydraulics to DIN EN ISO 16092-3


Is a costly custom design necessary?

Not at all: during development, it was particularly important for us to rely on standard components that can also be easily adapted to individual customer requirements after technical clarification. This means that a large number of variants isn't necessary. Just two basic block variants ensure a very high number of custom design options—without any compromises in press safety. This is because our press control is designed to DIN EN ISO 16092-3.

How costly and complex is it to install additional auxiliary functions?

You know what it's like: retrofitting additional functions in press control blocks costs time and money. Separate valve stacking systems need to be retrofitted and piped.

Our press control is different! We have integrated the auxiliary functions into the control blockno additional valve technology is required, e.g. when controlling a press cylinder fill valve or a holding brake.

How long does the delivery take?

We rely on standard components, something that also pays off in terms of delivery. Due to the high stock availability ,you will receive your HYDAC press control blocks in just a few weeks.

Can functional changes or enhancements be easily integrated?

Identical valve installation spaces allow valves to be replaced without changing sandwich plates or other components. This saves a lot of extra effort and expense in terms of additional sandwich plates, valves, and piping. This distinguishes our control blocks from conventional ones—a simple enhancement is usually not possible with conventional blocks due to installation space constraints.

Is a new servo pump enough to modernize my system?

When it comes to modernizing systems, the servo pump comes into play as a piece of pioneering and energy-efficient technology. But it's only one element in a chain of system components and steps that all influence each other. A servo pump is great—if it is used correctly. We show you how!

Is it worth investing in a variable-speed pump design?

Our press control blocks really start to shine when they are combined with variable-speed hydraulics. This is because everything is made simpler and more energy-efficient:

  • Optimal, needs-based energy provision
  • Simple pumps, simple valves, simple filtration
  • Cooling is no longer required
  • Reduced tank volume
  • Increased range of functions

Still not convinced? Find out about other benefits in our detailed product brochure or talk to our team of experts. We have no doubt that this perfect symbiosis will be worth your while from an economic point of view.

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