From service to the entire fluid management—all from a single source

The HYDAC Service Center ServiCenter provides a comprehensive range of services for the professional maintenance, inspection, and fluid management of your applications. Our aim is to minimize the downtime of your hydraulic plants and lubrication systems and increase the service life of the electrohydraulic open-loop and closed-loop control systems.

The expertise of our experienced specialist personnel, the worldwide approval of HYDAC products, and the close collaboration with the responsible international inspection agencies such as TÜV, Germanischer Lloyd, and DVGW—these are the distinguishing features of HYDAC. 

A service program tailored individually to your needs

The HYDAC Service Center ServiCenter, together with additional service partners, offers you a complete package of services.

After detailed consultation, you can put together the service package that best suits your needs yourself—to support existing in-house maintenance or to sub-contract the complete package, we will always find the best service solution for your application.

Commissioning of components, subsystems, and whole systems

We have the right equipment and system know-how for any kind of service assignment. Whether it involves commissioning entire lubrication systems, hydraulics, controllers, or connecting new components and incorporating the subsystems into an existing system—we take care of the commissioning of your applications.

Starting with the set-up, then the installation, the piping, and the system flushing and pressure test, and then the initial start-up itself—for all steps, you are supported by an experienced team of specialist personnel for hydraulics, electronics, electric systems, metalwork, welding, and construction management for service assignments around the globe.

How HYDAC can benefit you

On site at your premises—local for local #CloseToCustomers #Local #RapidAssistance

If desired, we can undertake repairs on site for the whole HYDAC product range as well as other makes of equipment. Depending on your needs, we distinguish between repairs relating to individual orders with prior consideration of the cost, and a package using replacement and spare parts.

In very urgent cases we carry out emergency or express repairs. In such cases you will get the repaired part back within a few hours—or we will fit it straight back into the system for you.

Increasing the productivity and availability of your systems #SystemAvailability #ProductivityIncrease #CostReduction

Technical progress cannot be stopped—in many applications, machines purchased today will not be able to produce the quality required tomorrow. Instead of buying new, the best alternative, both technically and in terms of cost, is often to convert and modernize the components and systems used.

Across all specialist areas, we will work with you to find optimization potential for your application—so you can reduce your operating costs and increase the productivity and availability of your systems.

Needs-based inspection and maintenance of your systems and plants

Regular scrutiny of the operating and system parameters guards against expensive stoppages. The HYDAC Service Center monitors, for example, the oil and filter condition and the accumulator pressures and valve settings of your applications. Switching shocks and vibrations are recorded using the latest measurement equipment, and parameters are analyzed and logged. Using this information as a basis, inspection intervals are adapted to the requirements as needed.

In addition to these general maintenance tasks, the HYDAC Service Center also carries out the repeat inspections according to the Pressure Equipment Directive—or transfers pressure accumulators that are already in operation into the new BetrSichV (German industrial safety regulations). Safety components can also be checked by us.

Calibration service at the HYDAC Service Center and directly on site Optimize the quality of your test equipment by using the calibration service at HYDAC Service Center or at your own premises in our mobile calibration laboratory.

All the calibration equipment we use is traceable to national and international measurement standards.

Inspection of measuring and test equipment is incorporated as an essential Quality Assurance element for standard calibration in the standards series DIN EN ISO 9000-9004. Inspection of measuring and test equipment should be a guarantee that all test equipment relevant for product quality, measures "accurately." In order to guarantee this, the test equipment must be calibrated regularly and must be traceable to national measurement standards. In addition the readings taken must be documented.

We prepare test protocols and issue calibration certificates for:

  • Particle sensors
  • Contamination sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Pressure switch
  • Portable data recorders
  • Flow rate transmitters
  • Display units


The HYDAC Service Center recommends at least one calibration per year, depending on the operating conditions and the intended use of the measurement or test equipment.

Fresh oil filling, tank cleaning, or complete oil change performed by HYDAC Professional handling when transporting fluids over distances of up to 120 m and volumes up to 200 m³, along with flushing of pipes.

HYDAC can provide the following services as required:

  • Prior checks for your machines and systems for cleanliness, as well as the required safety devices and evident sources of leakage.
  • Required blanking off of pipes and consumers and filling of the machine or system tank from a tanker or other containers via a filtration unit.
  • Machine and system flushing in the main circuit until the required cleanliness class is achieved.
  • Continuous measurement of the cleanliness class in the flow as well as sampling of the oil to provide a reference sample for future comparative measurements.
  • Connection of pipes and consumers and final leakage check.
  • Complete documentation of the work and cleanliness class including completion of a service log that remains attached to the machine.


Contact us for professional support in relation to service topics

Today’s machines and systems have a high level of specialization, and commissioning a different specialist for the extensive range of complex parts would not be economically viable. With HYDAC you have a partner that will support you with practical assistance and advice—so you can always concentrate on your core business, reduce costs, and secure your competitive edge.

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