Tank Optimization Platform Save space. Save weight. Save costs.

Save costs and energy with HYDAC—with the innovative HYDAC solution for tank and space optimization for mobile machinery and various industrial solutions.

HYDAC Air-X technology—the solution for saving space and reducing CO2How to save costs and energy with HYDAC

In every existing tank system, we see potential for optimizing and reducing the size of tanks.

  • Optimizing of tank size by 30–40%
  • Cost reduction by reducing complexity and material use
  • CO2 reduction
  • More reliable machine availability
  • Original HYDAC product quality

Benefit from our extensive specialist knowledge and from profession tools such as customized test benches and simulations in the HYDAC FluidCareCenter® and in field measurements on site.

Application examples for mobile machinery


Quantity: 20,000

Original tank size: 150 liters

 Per machineTOTAL
Oil50 liters1,000,000 liters
Steel14 kg280 metric tons
Costs* (oil + steel)€59.80€1,196,000
CO2 (oil + steel)241.4 kg CO24,828 metric tons CO2

*) €1/L oil; €0.7/kg steel

Wheel loaders

Quantity: 5,000

Original tank size: 104 liters

 Per machineTOTAL
Oil24 liters120,000 liters
Steel7.5 kg37.5 metric tons
Costs* (oil + steel)€29.25€146,000
CO2 (oil + steel)117.1 kg CO2585 metric tons CO2

*) €1/L oil; €0.7/kg steel

Application examples for stationary systems

Hydraulic press

Quantity: 1

Original tank size: 8,600 liters

Oil5,000 liters
Steel389 kg
Costs* (oil + steel)€7,780
CO2 (oil + steel)22.8 metric tons CO2

*) €1.5/L oil; €0.7/kg steel

Plastic injection moulding machine

Quantity: 10

Original tank size: 720 liters

 Per machineTOTAL
Oil480 liters4,800 liters
Steel400 kg4 metric tons
Costs* (oil + steel)€1,720€17,720
CO2 (oil + steel)2.8 metric tons CO228 metric tons CO2

*) €3/L oil; €0.7/kg steel

HYDAC Air-X technology enables significant tank reduction

To reduce the tank size, the system needs perfect air separation. This can only be achieved by combining the tank with an optimized filtration strategy. Our innovative Air-X technology offers a range of features that ensure maximum air separation in the system:

  • Low discharge velocities
  • Reducing oil turbulence in the tank
  • Uniform mixture of oil in the tank
  • For flow entry from below, an outlet above oil level is possible
  • Coalescence of the air bubbles at integrated degassing windows and thus faster separation

Only using Air-X technology makes it possible to construct the tank with more compact dimensions—combined with improved air separation—as the follow video demonstrates:

The advantages of using Air-X technology:

Reduced installation space

Additional space

thanks to smaller tanks

Reducing costs

Lower costs for OEM

thanks to less oil and steel and thus reduced piping and screw connections

Reduced weight

Lower costs for end customers

thanks to less oil use and longer oil intervals

Conservation of resources

Improved carbon footprint and use of resources

as less oil and steel is used in manufacture


Improved machine reliability

thanks to maximum air separation and avoiding the problems air can cause in the oil 
such as corrosion, accelerated oil degradation, and cavitation

HYDAC offers a wide range of services and customer service In addition to the innovative Air-X technology, we offer extensive consultation and services:


We provide various simulations for computer-aided optimization of systems. This includes simulations of:

  • Flow
  • Degassing
  • Swashing

Lab and field tests

We also perform experimental testing of tank systems in the laboratory or directly at the machine in the field. We have a unique specially developed air-content sensor that we can use for this purpose.

Individual consultation

In our development center, the HYDAC FluidCareCenter®, we pool our filter expertise and application knowledge with our extensive experience in the topic of “air in oil.” We will gladly provide you with expert individual consultation regarding tank optimization.


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