Load holding valves for reliable safety functions Secure your mobile machine now with HYDAC valve technology

Small but mighty: load holding valves and lowering brake valves are a key component of mobile machines. They ensure that loads don't sink or even drop. This is the only way to maintain control over the actuators. But commissioning the valves is complex—this is where our expertise comes in. As well as helping you choose the right valve, we also support you with the installation. Discover our extended valve range now.

HYDAC load holding valves: for cost-effective and reliable load holding

Discover our extended range of load holding and lowering brake valves now in T11A, T17A, and T2A cavities. Simply contact our valve experts for advice.

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Safety functions you can rely onRely on our HYDAC valve technology for your mobile machine

Small components with a big function: anyone who works with mobile machines and heavy loads knows that they pose a potential danger to people, machines, and the environment. Because rough terrain, jerky movements, or failing lines quickly mean that loads can no longer be controlled and can sink or drop. With HYDAC load holding valves, lowering brake valves, and hose break valves, you can count on the safety of your machines: in addition to the safety function, the compact components also contribute to your machine's basic stability.

Our solution: HYDAC load holding valves and hose break valvesAvailable in T11A, T17A, and T2A cavities

Load holding valves, lowering brake valves, or hose break valves: the hydraulic actuators have many names, but they have one thing in common—they are a key component in mobile machines. This is why we offer you our extended and cost-effective range of load holding valves with volume flow gradations between 30 and 240 l/min and a pressure range of up to 350 bar. The direct-acting poppet valves have the task of regulating the consumer speed according to the upstream flow. They also prevent the consumer from speeding ahead if there are retracting loads and they ensure that their movements are smooth.  
The valves also perform another key function: if hose lines fail, hose break valves are life savers, because if a load falls it puts people and the machine at great risk. Our tried-and-tested and reliable load holding valves can help here. Contact us now for advice on your tailor-made valve solution.

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Your advantages with HYDAC load holding valvesChoose from eight different valve types with the following characteristics:

  • Leak-free load holding
  • Standard cavities: T11A, T17A, and T2A
  • Large selection of pilot ratios
  • The entire range of applications is covered
  • Venting available as an option: return pressure with no effect on valve setting

How you benefit from our HYDAC load holding valves Your advantages at a glance

Reliable load holding with HYDAC lowering brake valves

Reliable load holding

Protect people, machines, and the environment with our HYDAC valve technology

HYDAC load holding valves increase your machine stability

Stable load lowering

HYDAC load holding valves increase your machine stability

Reap the benefits of precise hydraulic functions thanks to our valve technology


Reap the benefits of precise hydraulic functions thanks to our valve technology

Rely on cost-effective and reliable load holding ...

... with HYDAC load holding valves. Talk to our experts now to find your perfect system.  
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