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With stable processes and consistent quality, you can save costs. To achieve this, it's worth putting your hardening system to the test. What ways are there to protect your hardening technology from failures? 

Optimizing hardening systems means that: 

  • system availability increases
  • the fire risk is minimized
  • rejects are reduced and
  • the quality of the parts produced improves. 

Energy efficiency

To reduce CO2 emissions in hardening plants in the long term, it's worth taking a look at waste heat utilization in hardening systems. There is often potential here not only to reduce the burden on the environment, but to save costs too. Effective drive concepts, well thought-out cooling solutions, and the optimum heat treatment process for your hardening material will also achieve this—as your hardening system will work even more efficiently.

Energy efficiency in hardening plants: our product solutions

HYDAC KineSys variable-speed drive solution

The fast opening and closing of the hardening furnace, which is only made possible by the variable-speed drive, saves energy. The lid lifting device is optimized with a variable-speed drive, for example. With the rotational speed adjusted to suit your machine’s process, you can optimize your energy consumption with our frequency inverter.

More information about HYDAC KineSys

HYDAC cooling systems

Using the recovered waste heat energy from quenching baths in downstream machining processes (e.g. cleaning) is an important topic for the future.  From efficient cooling systems and heat transfer in induction systems for inductor and electronics cooling to cooling quenching baths. As experts in process fluid cooling, we offer numerous solutions. 


Sustainability & conservation of resources

Professional filtration and fluid conditioning opens doors to even more sustainable production. Because the high demands on hardening media require specialized filter technologies that defy heat and contamination without constant filter changes. HYDAC makes maintenance easy for you—with highly efficient filters that are very long-lasting. 

Sustainability in hardening plants: our product solutions

HYDAC filtration for oily hardening media

HYDAC developed Double2Clean with combined protective filtration and conditioning filtration specially for oily hardening media. This increases your hardening system's availability and product quality—without having to devote more time to maintenance. 

HYDAC filter technologies

Rely on HYDAC for filtration of cleaning fluids, polymerized quenching media, or gases. As well as standard products, we also have a lot of special solutions in our range—we're also happy to supply solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. 

HYDAC fluid conditioning systems

Oils carried over accumulate in cleaning baths in tempering furnaces and hardening furnaces. Our coalescence separator reliably removes these—choose between mobile or stationary systems for hardening systems that work safely while conserving resources. We use our expertise to help you condition your process fluids.

HYDAC online measuring instruments for aqueous quenching media

Automate the fluid management in your hardening system—for polymeric, aqueous quenching media. The FluidControl Unit 5000 measures the precise concentration, pH value, conductivity, and temperature. Fully automatic topping up ensures that the polymer concentration remains stable. The tank level is also kept at the target level thanks to intelligent refilling. You receive proactive messages when values exceed or fall below the limit values defined by you. 


One of the most common causes of oil fires in hardening plants is oil baths becoming contaminated with water. To comply with and not exceed certain water limits, it's important to pay attention to country-specific recommendations and media manufacturer specifications. That's why there are recommendations from the Employers' Liability Insurance Association (BG) and German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) in Germany, for example. HYDAC offers you a solution made up of the right components and systems—both for water content determination and for dewatering hardening media. For a safe workplace!

Safety in hardening plants: our product solutions

HYDAC sensors

Are you monitoring oil moisture? The HYDAC Aquasensor constantly monitors the water saturation in your hardening oil bath so that you don't need to worry about it. We also offer a wide range of sensors and measurement equipment for hardening plants. Whether it's pressure, temperature, or fill level—we serve customers with a wide product range including standard sensors and smart variants with IO-Link interfaces. 

HYDAC dewatering systems

The less moisture and particulate contamination there is in your oily operating fluids, the longer your hardening machines will work reliably—without downtimes. Ensure the long-term quality of your hydraulic fluids and process fluids with our dewatering system. The modular series permanently monitors the moisture and therefore increases your hardening system's availability and safety.

HYDAC coaxial valves

Fast-switching valves are in demand in induction hardening systems. They are crucial for reaching the desired hardening result. That's why it's worth investing in coaxial valves that meet your requirements. Leakage-free, compact, low-maintenance—you're on the safe side with HYDAC's coaxial valves.

HYDAC mounting technology

In hardening plants, there are many applications where reliable mounting technology is required. In addition to the standard range, HYDAC also supplies customized solutions—with fully automated in-house production, we carry out your wishes in the shortest possible time. Our product range is also complemented by ball valves that are safe, durable, and flexible in operation.