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(Servo-)mechanical presses

(Servo-)mechanical presses (path-dependent machines) are categorized as cam, spindle, eccentric, or knuckle-joint drives, or servo presses. The challenges with this type of press are the high safety and digitization requirements that need to be fulfilled, for example with HYDAC press safety valves/compact control units, hydraulic overload protection, die cushion axles, cooling strategies, and smart sensors.

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Hydraulic presses

In hydraulic presses (force-dependent forming machines), the required force of the press stroke can be set by adjusting the oil feed to the pressure cylinder. The advantage of this type of press is the variable nominal press force—the challenge, on the other hand, is that they are often not adequately sustainable. HYDAC solves this problem by optimizing the installation space requirements or increasing the energy efficiency of the drive concept, for example. The latest valve technology also ensures the strictest safety standards to DIN EN 16092-3.

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Other forming machines

HYDAC also supplies solutions for all other forming machines, e.g. press brakes and tube bending, spinning, sheet metal bending, wire bending, and wire drawing machines. Here, too, we have a wide range of approaches to optimization to increase sustainability and digitization. Which approach will you choose? Our industry experts will assist you from the initial idea on paper to the implementation and commissioning on your customer’s premises.

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Sustainability & system configuration

Presses that require less installation space are profitable – not only because of the reduced transport costs, but also from an ecological perspective. With our components, systems, and services, we offer concrete product solutions with more energy efficiency and conservation of resources in press and forming technology. Get in touch with us for a solution that perfectly suits your needs!

Sustainable system configuration in presses & forming machines: HYDAC solutions

HYDAC simulation technology

To improve the energy and resource efficiency of presses and forming machines, we use installation space optimization, weight reduction, needs-based energy provision, and drive solutions configured optimally by numeric simulations: you can count on us!

HYDAC tank solution OxiStop OXS

The OxiStop system uses an innovative membrane to prevent direct contact with the ambient air and includes an integrated, hydraulically driven degassing and dewatering unit. This means that the tank can be designed for the differential operating volume actually needed, reducing its size. With OxiStop, the oil volume—and thus the installation space—can generally be reduced to one tenth the size.

HYDAC filter technology Air-X

With the HYDAC filter technology Air-X, the hydraulic oil can be degassed in the tank considerably faster than with conventional hydraulic filters. This makes it possible to reduce the tank volume at the press by more than 40%, freeing up valuable installation space in your press to be used for other things.

HYDAC KineSys electro-cylinder HEZ

Because it is easy to integrate and requires no maintenance, the HYDAC KineSys electro-cylinder HEZ has become a tried-and-tested solution for supplying energy in presses and forming machines as needed. The thread gear can be used as main drive (e.g. in joining modules) or in auxiliary axles (e.g. as ejector) for high-precision positioning and/or for force transmission. Web-based software makes it possible to create workflow programs and motion profiles that can also be monitored online.

HYDAC KineSys variable speed drive solution

Using a frequency converter controls the rotational speed of the fixed displacement pump and thus the motion sequence of the pump. Depending on the dynamic performance and closed-loop control accuracy, servo and asynchronous drives can be used.

Thanks to condition-optimized adjustment, the power dissipation is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the internal closed-loop control, the pressure and flow can be provided as needed.

Functional safety

Are you aware of the latest changes to standards and industrial standards for presses and forming machines? With HYDAC you have an expert partner on your side to help you bring your safety concept to DIN EN 16092 up to date for your presses and forming machines. Contact us for an assessment of your safety concept.

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Functional safety for presses & forming machines: our solutions

HYDAC press valve manifold PSB / PSBH

The press valve manifolds PSB /PSBH are configured for use in hydraulic presses in accordance with the safety regulations of DIN EN ISO 16092-3. The hydraulic control system corresponds to performance level PLe to DIN EN ISO 13849. If additional safety-related parts of the control system are used, the performance level PLe can be achieved for the entire machine.

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HYDAC KineSys electro-cylinder HEZ

In the HYDAC electro-cylinder (HEZ), the rotation of the unit’s electric motor is converted into a linear movement using a screw drive. The gearing and the drive can be selected to produce various positioning forces, speeds, and duty cycles. The HYDAC HEZ can achieve a performance level e to DIN EN ISO 16092-2.

HYDAC sensors—functional safety

The range of sensors for presses includes products for the measurement of pressure, temperature, linear position, position, level, flow rate, and speed as well as contamination and oil condition. The product portfolio also covers special fields of application such as applications with elevated functional safety to EN ISO 13849. Safety comes first—contact us for more information.

HYDAC KineSys variable speed drive solution DVA

The variable-speed drive DVA combined with the closed-loop drive controller HFI-CM is the perfect symbiosis of hydraulics and electronics. For the press control, the entire parameterization and coordination of the drive system is performed in the frequency converter. Some of the safety functions are carried out via the drive, so fewer monitored valves are needed and the press valve manifold can also be given a more compact design.


HYDAC compact control unit KS

The HYDAC compact control unit is used for hydraulic control of a coupling-brake combination (CBC) in mechanical presses. The integrated HYDAC press pressure relief valve PSV ensures compliance with the altered safety standard 16092-2 and thus reduces the amount of space needed and the amount of maintenance and piping.

HYDAC overload protection ULSV

The hydraulic HYDAC overload protection ULSV is used for instant machine protection for mechanical presses through symmetrical or asymmetrical overload of the press ram. We will gladly provide information on our additional monitoring options.

Digitization, connectivity, and transparent presses

In addition to digitized components and smart sensors, HYDAC supplies new concept ideas for designing your presses in a more transparent way, enabling real-time control of your operations and making your service call-outs plannable. The required know-how for your employees is also included.


HYDAC products for digitizing presses & forming machines

HYDAC p₀-guard pressure switch EDS 3400

Monitoring of the pre-charge pressure of hydraulic accumulators results in faster troubleshooting and minimized downtime costs.



Clogging indicator Virtual Fluid Lab VFL

Dynamic calculation of the remaining service life of filter elements increases machine availability and reduces consequential costs.



HYDAC’s CMX suite is equipped with hardware and software kits that provide individual modules for digitizing forming machine functions, states, and processes either on local servers on the customer’s premises or in the cloud. For more transparency for your presses and forming machines

HYDAC portable data recorder HMG 4000

The HMG 4000 portable data recorder is a portable unit for data acquisition. It has been primarily designed for measured variables that are measured in hydraulic systems, such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, and linear position. It also provides a very high level of flexibility for evaluating other measured variables.

HYDAC sensors with IO-Link interface

With IO-Link, HYDAC has created a standardized digital interface for the actuator and sensor level that enables simple and inexpensive connection to the control environment and higher-level bus systems and networks. With IO-Link, settings can be made as part of the initial start-up or even during operation from the controller. This remote parameterizing capability speeds up and simplifies the commissioning of systems very considerably and helps to minimize sources of error and to lower costs.


HYDAC smart pressure transmitter HPT1400

The HPT 1400 with IO-Link interface is a digital pressure transmitter that has been specially designed for series use in extremely small spaces. In presses and forming technology applications, it is used to detect high-frequency pressure spikes in the pressure point of mechanical presses or to monitor subsystems and components in hydraulic presses. In this way, you and the owner can learn more about how your forming machine operates and thus receive important information for operation and for the future configuration of your press.


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