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Tire vulcanizing machine

In the vulcanization process, tires are given their final form. To ensure that your machines work efficiently and economically, we have the perfect solutions for your requirements. From pioneering drive systems to innovative filter systems and modern valve technologies in accordance with DIN EN 16474: you can achieve the highest level of safety and energy efficiency with our sustainable components and systems. We're on hand to help you worldwide.


Manufacturing a tire requires a mixture of various rubber types, chemicals, and filler materials. This results in gummy rubber materials that can be formed into tires. To support you with this, HYDAC supplies a wide product range of accumulator solutions, power units, and sensors for gear monitoring. We work with you to optimize your mixer's operation—for a low-waste tire manufacturing process.

Sustainability & system configuration

New technologies are gaining ground: autonomous driving and electromobility are impacting the tire market. Both productive machine operation and responsible management of resources are key issues. Discover the benefits of our energy-efficient and low-waste products. Get in touch with us for a solution that perfectly suits your needs!

Sustainability in tire manufacture: our product solutions

HYDAC filter technology Tank Reduction Unit

Our revolutionary premium solution with additional active fluid conditioning—the Tank Reduction Unit from HYDAC optimizes the degassing and dewatering of your fluids. This means you can reduce both the amount of oil needed and your machine's carbon footprint

HYDAC Air-X filter technology

Reduce your environmental impact while saving money with our Air-X filter technology: our degassing concept enables rapid reduction of the air content in oil. In combination with our simulation technology, there are additional saving options. Make full use of your tire manufacturing potential.

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HYDAC KineSys variable-speed drive solution

With the rotational speed adjusted to suit your machine’s process, you can optimize your energy consumption with our frequency inverter. The internal closed-loop control also enables needs-based provision of pressure and flow—making your tire production even more efficient!

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HYDAC KineSys electric cylinders

Easy to integrate and maintenance-free: our electric cylinders help you to achieve linear movement. We have the right solution for every application with our diverse installation variants. Find out more today!

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HYDAC dewatering unit FAM

Increase the availability of your mixers and vulcanizing machines—our Fluid Aqua Mobil series minimizes gas content and particulate contamination in your operating fluids. For maximum service life of your components and longer oil change intervals.

HYDAC fluid conditioning unit

Service-friendly, effective, and retrofittable: our Varnish Elimination Unit series removes oil degradation products from mineral oils. This means you can increase the fluid service life while sustainably reducing resource use. Suitable as a retrofit for existing systems and for new systems.

Functional safety

Are you aware of the latest changes in the regulations and standards for tire vulcanizing machines (DIN EN 16474) and mixers (DIN EN 12013)?

With HYDAC you have a skilled partner at your side who can help you to develop a safety concept in line with the industrial standards. Contact us for an assessment of your safety concept.

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Functional safety in tire manufacture: our product solutions

HYDAC valve block for tire vulcanizing machine

Optimize your tire vulcanization with our reliable valve blocks. Developed and equipped with all required valves in accordance with the C standard. Get in touch with us and we will find the perfect solution for your challenge.

HYDAC valve block for post-cure inflators (PCIs)

To ensure that your post-cure inflators retain their safety function at all times, we supply tailored valve blocks for increased functional safety of your tire curing presses. HYDAC is your global development partner for components and systems in tire manufacture.

Digitalization, connectivity & condition monitoring

Are you looking to optimize your company's OEE scores? Increase the availability, performance, and quality of your machines with our digital monitoring and analysis solutions. By analyzing the hydraulic fluid in operation and measuring the water content in the fluid, we can, for example, detect gear problems in your mixer early on. Working in close cooperation with you, we develop a comprehensive condition monitoring concept for your tire industry applications.

Digitalization & condition monitoring in tire manufacture: our product solutions

HYDAC p0-Guard for hydraulic accumulators

Greater efficiency thanks to smart sensors - our compact electronic pressure switch with integrated digital display minimizes your downtime costs thanks to reliable monitoring of your hydraulic accumulator’s pre-charge pressure. Find out more about your potential savings.

HYDAC clogging indicator Virtual Fluid Lab

The new generation of smart sensors: our intelligent VFL sensor determines the remaining service life of your filter elements to enable coordinated service. Make full use of your filter element service lives—for efficient operation of your tire production.


Increase your data transparency thanks to the HYDAC CMX Suite! Our hardware and software support the digital transformation of your machines thanks to the acquisition, structuring, and visualization of your data. Locally on your server or in the cloud.

HYDAC Data+ Box

Benefit from real-time access to your sensor data and machine data. This enables optimal planning of your maintenance and increases the efficiency of your tire production. Our robust and space-saving edge device makes it easy for you to get started with digitalization.

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HYDAC sensors with an IO-Link interface

Rely on HYDAC as your development partner with worldwide expertise. Together we can create pioneering products. We already supply a wide range of smart sensors with IO-Link interfaces. Discover our product range!

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HYDAC smart pressure transmitter

Small, compact, robust: with our pressure transmitter, you can optimize the availability of your machines in tire manufacture. At the same time, the greater transparency will help you to allocate your resources more effectively. Our HPT 1400 is available either with or without a CAN interface.