HYDAC valves for adaptive chassis control Specially developed for on-road & off-road vehicles

The demand for better chassis technology is growing rapidly. This is down to the growing requirements for driving comfort and dynamic performance, as well as increasing vehicle weights and the desire for more energy-efficient solutions. To meet these requirements, adaptive damping is the perfect choice. With specially developed valves, you can increase driving comfort and improve safety. Find out more about HYDAC valve technology!

Optimal driving experience – our lightweight & low-noise valve technology for your semi-active chassis

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Adaptive chassis control – comfort and safety combinedFor a drive without compromises

Driving comfort or safety – which will you choose? With passive shock absorbers, it's a tough choice. But as they only have fixed damping characteristics, you can't have it both ways. Things are different with adaptive damping. With adjustment of the damping force according to the particular situation, there is a clear advantage: you no longer have to choose between driving comfort and safety.

Adaptive chassis control is no longer just a premium segment dream: it's now also available in the mid-range. Vehicle weights and performance demands keep on increasing, putting pressure on the valve technology that is needed – but HYDAC has the answer.

Specific valves for specific challengesFor maximum performance for your semi-active chassis

With a semi-active chassis, it all comes to down to the details. This is what decides whether a chassis will work well, or perfectly. And it's precisely these details that HYDAC concentrates on - because we develop valves which surpass standards.

Smartly designed and produced with precision – with our 40 years of experience, we supply first-class valve technology that we tailor to suit your adaptive chassis control. Our team of experts looks forward to hearing about your requirements.

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Your advantages HYDAC valves for adaptive shock absorbers

Our functionally integrated valves in a compact design are perfectly designed for confined spaces.

Compact design

Everything needs to work correctly, but space in a car is extremely limited. This is a constant source of challenges for automotive manufacturers. This makes it all the better if systems are small and compact as well as highly functional. Like our functionally integrated, space-saving valves which are able to perform multiple tasks in a system.

For economical fuel consumption, opt for our valve systems in a lightweight design.

Reduced weight

A car’s weight always influences its fuel/energy consumption. This is why even one gram of excess weight is too much. With our valve system in a lightweight design, you're on the safe side.

Our valves for adaptive shock absorbers feature low noise emissions.

Low noise emissions

In the development phase, we focused on noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) – this refers to the audible and perceptible oscillations in the vehicle. After all, low noise levels are becoming increasingly relevant in the shift to environmentally friendly transport.


Applications for adaptive shock absorbersThis is where HYDAC comes in

Whether it’s off-road or on-road vehicles, our valve technology is the fundamental element for a safe and comfortable drive. As well as supporting off-roaders with adaptive chassis control, we also focus on supporting electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. This is because a high tare weight and high levels of noise in the interior impair driving comfort. Our valves are the perfect addition – lightweight and quiet in use, they are perfectly designed to meet the challenges of new technologies.

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We work with you to develop a custom valve system for your adaptive shock absorbers.

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