Hydropneumatic suspension

Hydropneumatic suspension

Convenience and driving safety – these are the first concepts that should come to mind in connection with our suspension systems. Our suspension systems help to level out uneven terrain, reduce the driver’s exposure to oscillation and increase driving stability.

Various types of suspension of importance, depending on the vehicle model:
 - Axle suspension(front axle/rear axle/full suspension)
 - Cab suspension (partial and full load-bearing systems) and
 - Boom suspension

The suspension should be appropriate for your vehicle and improve driving performance.
 Whether it’s suspension components, subsystem or a complex total system with controller and software – what we provide is determined by your needs.
 As a large percentage of all system components are produced in-house, we are able to coordinate system parts optimally and achieve the best driving performance.
 We will gladly advise you on what your options are for your special requirements and support you in implementing them.

We remain available as a contact – from the product definition phase to series production and beyond.

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