Axle suspension

With vehicles increasing in complexity and capacity requirements increasing, intelligent systems are called for that make work easier and ensure driving safety and stability. And the suspension of the vehicle axle also plays a role here. Incorporating a hydropneumatic suspension element on the vehicle axle reduces the tilt of the vehicle body during cornering, for example, increasing driving stability.

Axle suspensions need to be realised in accordance with the particular machine. Front-axle, rear-axle or full suspension may be the best choice, depending on the vehicle model. Criteria such as the required driving stability and driving safety, the desired driving comfort and also the vehicle’s load dispersion are taken into account in making the choice. The design of a axle suspension system for a tractor, for example, may differ considerably from a lightweight commercial vehicle or a field sprayer.

The hydropneumatic axle suspension provided by HYDAC has major advantages for your vehicle:

  • Thanks to the targeted use of appropriate valve technology, the working axes X, Y and Z can be influenced positively
  • This gives you the required comfort for your machine’s pitching motions, active roll stabilisation and vertical suspension
  • The level control enables constant compression and extension travel, which helps to keep driving comfortable regardless of load

For your vehicle, this means one thing:

  • Improved driving safety and directional stability
  • Improved steering characteristics
  • Increased transport and working speeds
  • Improved driving comfort
  • Better driver fitness
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Contact us for more information! With us, you get the perfect all-inclusive package.

  • The core elements of our suspension system are made up of hydraulic and electronic components and the corresponding software.
  • We have all the key components in house and can make sure they are perfectly coordinated.
  • We understand vehicles and applications
  • We take care of extensive analyses for you (simulation, test on test bench and machine in the field) and performed parameterisation and initial start-up
  • From the initial idea to series launch – you can rely on us