Boom suspension

Hoisting gear stabilisation units HSE are available in various sizes and versions for use on vehicles with hoisting gears, such as wheel loaders, handling equipment and cranes. The HSE reduces pitching movements in vehicles.

The HSE connects the load-bearing line with one or more hydropneumatic accumulators. The accumulator has the effect of a hydropneumatic suspension and thus decouples the vibrations of the load from the rest of the vehicle and thus also from the driver. The dimensioning of the accumulator is coordinated with the customer at the corresponding vehicle – so that we can always achieve optimal machine coordination.


  • Greater transport and travel speeds
  • Greater handling capacities
  • More stable steering characteristics
  • Shorter stopping distances
  • Greater comfort
  • Reduced mechanical loads
  • Reduced downtime
  • Compliance with work health and safety directives
  • Accumulator pressure always at load level
  • No movement of the lift unit when suspension is activated