Cab suspension

Increasing productivity and efficiency are two of the primary goals when it comes to enhancing vehicle designs. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce strain on the driver as working requirements increase, and this means reducing vibratory stress in the vehicle’s cab.

The hydropneumatic cab suspension involves connecting the cab to the vehicle chassis via a hydropneumatic spring damper element. This decouples the cab from the chassis and prevents vibrations from being transmitted from the chassis to the cab to a large extent.

The integrated HYDAC strut adjusts the damping force in accordance with the driving situation. This is enabled by the proportional valve developed in-house especially for this application. The intelligent closed-loop control algorithm measures the parameters of the specific driving situation and determines the best possible damping strategy on this basis. This guarantees an optimal balance between comfort and stability.


  • Highly reduced acceleration in the vertical direction
  • Reduced rolling and pitching movements
  • Reduced relative movements in relation to instruments and controls
  • Greater comfort
  • Facilitates compliance with work health and safety directives/noise and vibration directive