Renewable energies: Solar energy

Hydraulic power unit for two-axis tracking of solar collectors. 

In the solar cells, light energy is converted to electrical energy. With the addition of hydraulic tracking (tilt angle and orientation), the solar radiation always strikes the cells of the solar collector at an angle of 90°. This means an increase in efficiency of 30 to 40% compared to fixed panels. 


Hydraulic power unit for single-axis tracking of parabolic trough collectors.  

Hydraulically-powered parabolic trough collectors 150 m long track the movement of the sun during the day. They are orientated north-south. Solar rays reflected by mirrors heat a heat transfer fluid in a tube up to 400 °C. The energy absorbed is then transferred in heat exchangers to the steam circuit. The feed water is vaporized and superheated. Afterwards the steam expands in the turbine which drives a generator for electricity generation. 

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