HYDAC industrial valves Suitable for industrial solutions and for use in mobile machines

HYDAC industrial valves are suitable for industrial solutions and for use in mobile machines. In addition to our customer-specific adjustments, we are currently continuously developing our range of products in the direction of Industry 4.0 requirements.

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Advanced valve technology adapted to your application HYDAC industrial valves: proven quality from ultra-modern production

Our ultra-modern production facility was designed from the ground up that it produces industrial valves quickly and efficiently, which meet the high HYDAC
quality standards. We produce our own coils and pole tubes tailored to the respective valve specifications. 100% of the valves are tested in production. Thanks to RFID technology and pick-by-light systems, we achieve a reliable and quick valve assembly in the process. The serial number assigned individually for each valve makes complete traceability possible. This production concept allows us to offer you standard valves in many voltage and plug variants and emergency stop actuations. Moreover, it also gives us the flexibility to produce customer-specific solutions with short throughput times.

HYDAC – your specialist partner in valve technology

Are you looking for switching valves with a high switching power and low pressure drop?

Then you're in the right place with HYDAC: thanks to our flow-optimised pistons and housing, we offer you custom-fit valve solutions, tailor-made to your needs. 
We also have your solution if you need to constantly adjust the flow rate or pressure in your system: In our broad product range of proportional valves, we provide you with solutions for your requirements for hysteresis, repeatability and speed. 

The broad product range makes it possible to use them in a wide range of industrial sectors. To be able to use them in mobile applications as well, HYDAC is increasingly offering industrial valves with increased corrosion protection (ZnNi).


Valve technology adapted to your application

An ear to the ground for our customers - that's one of our greatest strengths.

Based on our know-how from decades of experience in valve technology, with our modular system for industrial valves we are able to flexibly meet your needs. In this way, we create custom-fit HYDAC valve solutions for your application and, as part of our partnership, give you innovative answers to special challenges in your application.

In addition to tailor-made solutions, our experts place great value on continuously developing the HYDAC product range. The focus is currently on adapting our portfolio in the direction of Industry 4.0 requirements.

Flexible - custom - robust Explore our industrial valve solutions

Directional valves

HYDAC directional spool valves are available from nominal size 6 to 32 in a variety of different design options, such as Low Watt, Soft Shift, with switch position monitoring and as an Atex variant.

Proportional valves

The proportional valve range includes directional spool, pressure and flow control valves. Proportional directional spool valves are also optionally available with linear position measurement systems and OBE.

Logic valves

HYDAC 2-way cartridge valves are  logic valves that are used in hydraulic control systems with high performance requirements.

Our series can be adapted to the size of your system and covers the nominal sizes 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 and 80.

The cartridge valves are available for directional and pressure functions with the options of damping pins and shaft seals.

Control valves

HYDAC 4/3 control valves from the series C4WERE 6 are direct acting, electrically operated spool valves.

The valve operates by an oil-immersed control solenoid. During this process, the solenoid quickly and precisely pushes the valve’s control spool into the respective position to obtain the desired flow path. The piston position is proportional to the input signal and is controlled by integrated electronics and direction control (LVDT).

Stackable valves

HYDAC valves in sandwich plate design in nominal size 6-25 enable a modular design of the hydraulic control by means of a stacked valve assembly.
We supply them as pressure reducing and pressure relief valves for pressure control and as needle or flow valves with bypass non-return valve for flow control.
Furthermore, the sandwich plates are available as non-return valves for direction control, with and without hydraulic unblocking, and as pressure compensator to realise the flow control function.

Your advantages at a glance


Comprehensive valve know-how

Thanks to many years of experience in the application of industrial valves, HYDAC is your specialist partner for custom designed valve solutions.


High level of in-house production

We develop and produce all valve components, including the coils, pole tubes and sensors, in-house. 

Tailor-made solution

A perfect fit

HYDAC's product portfolio ensures the perfect valve for countless functions and their associated requirements.

Technological challenges


Thanks to the individual serial number of each valve, the status of the valve can always be tracked during delivery.
The QR code on every valve also makes it possible to digitally access information about the valve.

Construction kit

Industrial standard from the construction kit

A wide range of coils, plugs and emergency switchbars can be freely selected from our construction kit to match the standard valves.


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