HYDAC valves with digital electronics Intelligent solutions for more productivity

Say goodbye to complex parameterisation and short service lives – you can increase the efficiency of your systems with HYDAC valves with digital electronics. In addition to simple commissioning and easy servicing, with HYDAC’s in-house software the intelligent components are now also able to monitor condition, report errors early on and regulate the energy management. Read more to find out how you too can save time, resources and money.

HYDAC valves with digital electronics for more efficiency in your system

The perfect combination of mechanics, electronics and software: Find out more about the advantages of intelligent digital electronics now.

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Are you already using condition monitoring and predictive maintenance? Then you can't afford to miss out on intelligent components

In the age of Industry 4.0, transparent data for effective systems is the name of the game. Saving costs and efficient production is only possible if you can detect critical operating states, high levels of wear and the need for maintenance early on. This applies to more than just complete systems. If you start with the component, you can avoid system failure and even failure of the entire plant. With this in mind, it makes sense to use intelligent valves in your hydraulics.

With HYDAC you can find the right intelligent solution for your energy-efficient system. Find this out for yourself.

Our solution: HYDAC hydraulic valves with digital electronicsThe perfect combination of mechanics, electronics and software

Save energy and boost efficiency: our HYDAC valves optimise don't just optimise the properties of the components themselves, they optimise your entire system. With all this additional data, you have the transparency you need to detect risks, errors and the need for maintenance early on.

HYDAC proportional pressure control valve with a pressure sensor and on-board electronics

The P3DRSERE 6 direct-acting pressure control valve provides closed-loop pressure control with a leak-proof design, making it fully leak-free. Thanks to HYDAC’s in-house operating software, the valve can easily be parameterised. You too can save valuable time with our HYDAC pressure control valve with OBE – find out more about your optimal solution.

HYDAC directional valve with position monitoring in an analogue or IO-Link version

The directional valve's digital electronics evaluate the positional transducer signal and forward it to the connected controller. This means that a PLC, for example, is able to process the signal. This enables you to make use of valuable information for your safety-related controller, for example. Our 4WER 6 is also available as a smart IO-Link version with switching cycle counters and operating hour counters.

HYDAC direct-acting proportional directional valve with on-board electronics

The P4WEE 6 valve is used to control a flow rate from the pump to the consumer ports or from the consumer ports to the tank. The integrated digital electronics contain the controller's input signal and supply the solenoid coils that control the valve spool. For maximum precision.

HYDAC switching and proportional valves in NG6 with digital control electronics (IO-Link type B)

Equipped with digital, low-cost and miniature control electronics, our HYDAC switching or proportional valves (P)4WEC offer you an extremely efficient design. With the valves in 4/2 and 4/3-way slide valve design, you not only benefit from continuous status monitoring, but can also access valuable information about the entire life cycle at the same time. Whether switching cycles and an operating hour counter, peak and hold options, or providing cyclical and non-cyclical process data: discover the many functions of our HYDAC valves with digital control electronics and optimise you processes.

Reap the benefits of our in-house HYDAC software

Use the data you collect as the basis for energy and condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. HYDAC’s in-house software provides a user-friendly interface for quick and easy parametrisation of your new component. This also means that maintenance and service require much less resources.

This makes all the difference Switch to HYDAC valves to increase efficiency

Erhalten Sie von uns Ihr Rundum-Sorglos-Paket: Neben passgenauen Komponenten bieten wir Ihnen intelligente und innovative Softwarelösungen.

Your complete solution

We supply the perfect all-inclusive package: alongside tailored components, we also provide intelligent and innovative software solutions. All from a single source.

Reduzieren Sie mit Condition Monitoring und Predictive Maintenance Ihren Energieaufwand und sparen Sie so bares Geld.

Energy saving

Reduce your energy consumption with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to save good money.

Parametrieren Sie Ihr HYDAC Ventil über unsere Software und optimieren Sie das Ventilverhalten.

Quick & easy parameterisation

Parameterise your HYDAC valve using our software and optimise the valve behaviour in your application quickly and easily.

FAQ Valves with position monitoring

What are valves with position monitoring?

Valves with position monitoring are equipped with a positional transducer that outputs the valve spool's position as an analogue or digital value.

What are the advantages of valves with position monitoring?

Using valves with position monitoring makes it possible for a PLC to process the positional transducer signal, for example. This means that the valve spool's position is known – information that can be useful for safety-related controllers, for example.

What different plug connectors does HYDAC provide? What pin assignments are used?

We offer a selection of two different plug connector versions:

  • Analogue and IOL version: M12x1 4-pole A-coded to DIN EN 61076-2-101

What IP protection does the sensor have?

The sensor’s IP protection is IP65.

What is the IP protection for the on-board electronics?

The IP protection for the on-board electronics is IP65.

What is the supply voltage for the sensor?

The tolerance of the supply voltage for the sensor is 18–36 V.

Where can I find the IODD file and the function modules for the PLC?

The IODD file is available on our Drivers & Software page under fluid technology.

Where can I find the desktop software for communication with IO-Link devices?

Get in touch with our experts – you can access our contact form here.

On-Board Electronics Service Tool

What is the HYDAC On-Board Electronics Service Tool?

The tool is desktop software that you can use to connect to the valve electronics via a USB port.

How can the HYDAC On-Board Electronics Service Tool help me?

You can read, modify and save parameters to adjust the valve function to suit your application. Measured values such as the monitor signal can be visualised, and the valve can be remote-controlled without any additional hardware, allowing the function to be tested. This can be very useful during commissioning and troubleshooting.

Where can I download the software for the HYDAC On-Board Service Tool?

You can simply download the software from our Drivers & Software page under fluid technology.

Are there any instructions for installing the On-Board Electronics Service Tool?

We will be happy to send you in-depth instructions. If you are interested, please contact us using the contact form.

What system requirements apply for the tool?

The HYDAC Service Tool currently only works on Windows operating systems (Windows 7 or higher).

On-board electronics

What plug connectors are available? What pin assignments are used?

We supply the following plug connectors in an analogue design:

  • M12x1 – 8 pole, A coded, DIN EN 61076-2-101
  • MIL-C-5015-G – 7 pole, DIN EN 175201-804

What do the LEDs in the cover of the valves’ on-board electronics indicate?

The LEDs display the valve’s current operating state. The two possible states are “ready for operation” and “error”.

What can I do if my valve is displaying the “error” operating state?

You can use the On-Board Electronics Service Tool to read and reset errors. All possible errors are described in the valve’s operating instructions. If the error cannot be reset, please contact us directly using the contact form.

What type of USB port do I need and how can I connect to the valve?

You can connect to the valve using a Micro-B USB cable connected to the USB port in the cover for the digital electronics. You can see what this looks like in practice in our video in our article.

Where can I access the valve operating instructions?

If you are interested, please contact us using the contact form. We will be happy to send you in-depth instructions.

What is the IP protection for the on-board electronics?


What supply voltage does the valve need?

The valve needs a supply voltage of 24 V.

How large is the permitted voltage fluctuation?

The permitted voltage fluctuation is 18 – 36 V.

What are the options for presetting the nominal value?

You can choose between the following analogue versions:

  • 4–20mA
  • 0–10V
  • -10V to 10V


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