Your innovative contact for all kinds of solar power plants

Heliostat power plants

Heliostats are used to reach higher temperatures. These focus the sunlight onto solar towers, concentrating the sun's rays. Intelligent systems ensure that the heliostats follow the sun's movements – maximising the yield. HYDAC is always at your side as a partner with expertise in development and systems. Global yet local support.

Parabolic trough power plants

Indirect electricity generation thanks to curved parabolic reflectors – the thermal oil in the parabolic trough is heated by the concentrated sunlight. The steam generated as a result of this drives a turbine. To ensure that this solar thermal process runs smoothly, we support you with our innovative solutions for turbines, solar tracking and sensors. Based on decades of expertise in power plant technology.

Photovoltaic power plants

Photovoltaic systems are used to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. This cost-effective technology is already being used extensively in sun-rich desert regions and land areas. Pioneering components and systems from HYDAC enable you to increase your solar park's availability. Benefit from our expertise in sensors, cooling and temperature control.

Other types of solar power plants

As one of the renewable energies, solar thermal energy offers the widest range of applications. This dynamic industry doesn't stand still: new ways of using the sun's energy sustainably and making solar cells more efficient are constantly being developed. Whether it's dish Stirling, linear Fresnel or other types of solar power plants – HYDAC will be at your side to support you with the technologies of the future.


CSP plants and large PV plants are playing a central role in the transition to renewable energy and are showing great potential. HYDAC supports you on this journey with systems and components such as optimised filter systems and lubrication systems. For a longer service life for your components, increased availability and sustainable conservation of resources.

Sustainability in solar power plants: our product solutions

HYDAC thermal oil filtration

Heat transfer fluids require special care in solar thermal power plants. Increase the service life of your HTFs and protect valves and pumps in the long term – thanks to reliable thermal oil filtration from HYDAC.

HYDAC valve control for molten salt

Robustness and maximum availability are the most important characteristics for molten salt management. We work with you to manage your molten salt application with our tried-and-tested HYDAC drives and their corresponding system solutions. Contact us to discover the benefits of our expertise.

Availability & efficiency

High contamination levels, strong winds and occasional enormous drops in temperature take a toll on solar power plants on a daily basis. To ensure that your system operates efficiently despite this, HYDAC supports you with state-of-the-art solutions. We work with you to find the solution to your specific challenges and increase your solar power plant's productivity. 

Availability and efficiency in solar power plants: our product solutions

HYDAC solar tracking

Our electric and hydraulic solar tracking is suited to all standard point focussing and line focussing power plants, single axis and duel axis. Whether it's custom-made or from standardised production – HYDAC has a wide portfolio at its disposal including optional condition monitoring.

HYDAC hydraulic turbine systems

Get to know our EHC-U product range: reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your solar power plant with our standardised system solution for auxiliary turbine systems – thanks to the modular system made up of hydraulic components in series production.

HYDAC bearing lubrication systems

HYDAC is your point of contact for smooth operation of your solar power plant. Benefit from our extensive range of standardised and modular bearing lubrication systems including patented degassing technology for lubricants. We are always happy to give advice.

More information on HYDAC bearing lubrication systems

HYDAC diesel filtration modules

Our efficient and compact diesel filtration modules optimise the operation of your emergency generators. With custom manufacturing thanks to tailored application simulations – allowing you to achieve maximum availability.

Balance of Plant

Longer maintenance intervals and high system availability are ambitions for many solar power plant operators. HYDAC makes this possible for you with efficient fluid conditioning systems and online monitoring tools. From components to perfectly coordinated complete systems. We work with you to optimise your service and maintenance times.

Balance of Plant in solar power plants: our product solutions

HYDAC FAM dewatering unit

Longer oil change intervals, improved component service lives and higher machine availability: our dewatering systems series makes this possible. Reap the many benefits of our FAM series while reducing your Life Cycle Costs.

More information on the HYDAC FAM

HYDAC VarnishElimination Units

Our easy to service VEU series is designed to condition mineral oils. Benefit from longer fluid service lives thanks to the reliable removal of varnish – the unit is also suitable as a retrofit for your existing solar power plant.

More information on the HYDAC VEU

HYDAC Contamination­Sensor Module Economy

Our online condition monitoring system is the ideal solution for monitoring the lubrication systems in your solar power plant. It reliably measures the solid particle contamination and water saturation in your fluid and is ideally suited to helping you implement your maintenance strategy.

More information on the HYDAC CSM-E

HYDAC laboratory services

Do you need detailed analysis of your oils? Laboratory analysis of your fluids is performed locally on-site by our specialists. With our expertise in heat transfer fluid analysis, we are able to provide you with tailored support in the solar power industry. We offer custom service options based on the lab results.