Energy efficiency & sustainability in vehicle construction

The surge in electrification has completely taken hold of the automotive industry. The goal: zero-emission, connected, smart. Lots of changes are needed to tackle the new challenges and comply with the new directives. HYDAC clears the way for you to be successful on the market. With an understanding of systems, solutions spanning multiple technologies, and products qualified for the job.  
With us, you get the support that you need. We are constantly working on making our products even more sustainable and optimized in terms of installation space. This is how we reduce your energy consumption and emissions—and increase productivity at the same time.

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Our areas of expertise


Sustainable fluid management with fluid conditioning and control systems, energy-efficient drives with speed-controlled hydraulic units, coaxial valves for flexible control of fluids, and intelligent sensors for condition monitoring—HYDAC relies on solutions ready for the future to support the new production processes in e-mobility component manufacture in a cost-conscious and resource-saving way. Whether it's components, a subsystem, or complete series development—we're constantly expanding our product range. We're also happy to be at your side as an engineering partner developing innovative solutions.

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Zero-emission travel in private transport and heavy goods transport is the order of the day—and hydrogen and fuel cells are paving the way. In vehicle construction and refueling technology, there are hurdles to overcome and new approaches to take. Sophisticated technology is required for fuel cell systems to be operated in a functionally safe and energy efficient way. With many years of industry experience and great innovative strength, we are already able to offer you an extensive product range for the entire hydrogen value chain.

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Presses & forming machines

Whether hydraulic or mechanical—presses are an integral part of (electric) mobile technology. Reliability and availability are top priorities here. For this purpose, we offer system components that make your presses safer, more energy efficient, and more digital. From the initial idea to implementation and commissioning on site, we support you with an extensive knowledge of systems.

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Machine tools

The machining and thermal processing of components is and remains a key element in the production of vehicle powertrains and frame structure units. HYDAC offers a comprehensive range of components and subsystems to ensure that the necessary machine tools are manufactured and utilized both economically and in an energy-efficient way. Our solutions also meet the industry's increased demands for connectivity and automation.

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Test bench technology

In the traditional and modern automotive industries, electrolyzers, fuel cells and fuel cell systems, engine test benches, and battery test benches are used, among other things. This is because every component needs to be of the highest quality for the final product. So that you can rely on your test bench technology, we don't just offer the right products—we offer worldwide service too. With the clear goal of increasing productivity, making work more energy efficient and saving costs.

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In vehicle construction, a lot of production waste is generated that must be properly processed by recycling machines. Every cubic meter counts, as volume reduction is important for transport, storage, and recycling, among other things. Our Air-X filter element technology dramatically reduces your oil tank, which saves resources and reduces your CO2 footprint. HYDAC offers solutions that make your system more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Technical cleanliness

Powerful electrical systems, increasing warranty claims, and the growing number of electric drives and hydrogen applications are putting ever-increasing demands on cleanliness management in the automotive industry. HYDAC lends you a helping hand: we inspect the cleanliness of the parts you produce and find the cause of disruptive particles on function-related surfaces. With fluid analysis and an eye for detail, we help to ensure clean processes in vehicle construction.

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Industrial part washers

Consistent productivity is the goal in series production. For this reason, industrial part washers are particularly important in the automotive sector. Because to guarantee the quality of the subsequent process, the components must be free of particulate and film-like contamination. As an expert in technical cleanliness, we constantly have an eye on your required cleanliness level. That's why we offer an extensive range of fluid conditioning systems and smart sensors for monitoring. Contact us with your questions—together we can optimize your cleaning results.


HYDAC Fluid Engineering

Reduce your system's CO2 footprint

Thanks to our many years of experience in fluid conditioning and its many uses in holistic industrial solutions, we're able to work with you to identify your potential for conserving resources and reducing CO2 emissions in your system.  

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Approval lists for the automotive industry You can find our current automotive manufacturer approval lists to download here. If you can't find any documents relating to your project in the automotive sector online, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail.