Intelligent suspension systems for every application

Comfort and driving safety - these are the first terms you should associate with our suspension systems. Because our suspension systems help to compensate uneven grounds, reduce the vibration load on the driver and increase driving stability.
Depending on the type of vehicle, different types of suspension are important:
- Axle suspension (front / rear / full suspension)
- Cabin suspension (partially and fully supporting systems) and
- boom suspension

The suspension should match your vehicle and improve driving performance.

Whether suspension components, subsystems or a complex overall system with controller and software - our scope of services is based on your ideas.
Due to the high proportion of all system components in our company, we succeed in optimally coordinating the system components and achieving the best driving performance.
We would be happy to inform you about the options you have for your special requirements and support you in implementing them.
We remain your contact person - from the product definition to the series phase and beyond.
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