Machining centers/milling machines

On machining centers, hydraulic units are used for auxiliary functions such as tool clamping, axis clamping and pallet change. HYDAC compact units are the optimum solution, as there is no system leakage.

Cooling systems have a direct effect on the reliability and accuracy of the machining center. Depending on the basic conditions, air, water or compressor cooling systems by HYDAC can be used.

During the cooling lubricant high pressure supply of inside-cooled tools, a protection filtration can be carried out using conventional line filters, double change-over filters or back-flushing filters. HYDAC supply these components as well as complete pressure elevation stations.
For the control of the cooling lubricant flow rates, piston control valves are available in the lower pressure range and coaxial valves in the high pressure range. The pressure settings take place via pilot pressure relief valves.